Ultimate Reset – Day 2

Day 2 of the Ultimate Reset went well. I got another headache in the afternoon. What does that mean? I need to make sure I drink more water. It probably also means my body is detoxing of all the sugar I consume, which is probably more than I realized even though I don’t think I consume that much on a regular basis. To avoid a headache I need to drink plenty of water on day 3.

Yesterday’s food was yummy! For breakfast I had oatmeal with blueberries and yogurt (adding some of the cup of blueberries to this to sweeten it a little).

Breakfast Day 2

For lunch I enjoyed a Greek salad (minus the chicken) and a sweet potato. I opted to go for the Vegan option because I only needed 3 oz., and I didn’t want to freeze the rest. I knew I would forget I had it and then it would go to waste. I love sweet potatoes too, so it all worked out.

Lunch Day 2

I was still hungry in the afternoon so I had an approved snack – an apple with almonds. Sorry no picture!

For dinner I enjoy a Southwest Veggie Taco, which included rice, beans, guacamole, and salsa (I forgot corn at the store). So yummy and left me full!

Dinner Day 2

Overall, I had a decent amount of energy throughout the day and felt good. I need to go to bed earlier. No more staying up late to watch t.v. Goals for day 3 = no headache, more water, and early to bed!

Beachbody’s Ultimate Reset – Day 1

I know I have mentioned before that I’m a Beachbody junky. I love their workout programs because they allow me to workout in the comfort of my own home, when it works for me. I don’t have to worry about packing a bag and driving to the gym, instead I can get dressed in the morning or afternoon and press play on my DVD player.

Another great aspect of Beachbody is their Ultimate Reset. The reset is a complete 21-day, 3-phase program that provides you with everything you need to reclaim your body’s natural balance, release the harmful materials you may be storing within you, and restore your system to its maximum health. I did this in January and loved it for so many reasons:

  1. I didn’t starve throughout the 3-weeks.
  2. I was eating healthy clean foods throughout the entire cleanse.
  3. I was introduced and re-introduced to new veggies and recipes that I still make today.
  4. I had a ton of energy.
  5. I slept extremely well, although I had some crazy, silly dreams.
  6. I felt lighter mentally and physically.
  7. It was a great kick start to my workouts for 2013.
  8. This is not a laxative-based, colon-focused cleanse, rather it’s a soft cleanse that helped me restore my system. Ergo, I wasn’t running to the bathroom.
  9. The food was full of flavor, even with the ingredients being so simple.
  10. Everything is laid out for you – meals, grocery list, supplements, etc.

There are other reasons I really love it, but those are the top 10.

I ordered the reset a few months back when they had a special and I am doing it with a few girlfriends. It’s nice to have the accountability, and talk to other people who are doing it with you. I started on Monday – Day 1.

Reset Time

Overall the day wasn’t bad. I had a headache, I think I needed to drink more water, and I was a little hungry towards the end of the day. I started the day with eggs, toast and kale. It was good and pretty filling. I also put on the braided bracelet that comes with the reset because it helps to remind me what I am doing and why I am doing it.

Breakfast and bracelet

Lunch and dinner weren’t bad either: Nice hearty salad and miso soup for lunch and baked salmon with asparagus and broiled red skinned potatoes for dinner.

Lunch and Dinner Day 1

In the afternoon you are supposed to drink alkalinize. It’s not the tastiest of things; in fact in January I gagged the first two days I had to drink it. This time I knew what to expect. It kind of tastes like wheat grass. Nothing a wedge of lemon can’t help. Only 20 more days of drinking it πŸ™‚


Here’s to day 1 (technically day 2 is over; I’ll fill you in on day 2 and 3 tomorrow.)! Looking forward to restoring my insides and starting fresh.

Question: Have you every done a cleanse? If so which one?

100 posts!

Happy 100 post to me! I’m excited to have start the post, and even more thrilled to have readers join me on this journey. Here’s a quick recap of all that has been going on:

Last week we continued to work on rolling out our new product line of gluten-free frozen topped pizzas and pizza crusts. We’re excited about what’s to come in 2014, and look forward to the product being on shelves nationwide. Over the weekend we went to our last show of the year. It was a good show; lots of positive feedback. We were even told by several people we were the talk of the show.

SFF Last event

Last week I had a mixture of clean eating, comfort food and some yummy gluten-free pizza (had to get it in since I won’t be able to enjoy it for 3 weeks; more to come on this tomorrow!)

My go to breakfast last week was oatmeal with almond milk, a banana or apple, peanut butter, cinnamon and honey. It’s really good, and so easy to make. Also, if you heat up the apples while making the oatmeal it makes it even better.

Oatmeal and peanut butter

Monday night the boy made dinner – grilled cheese on gluten-free bread and tomato soup. Comfort food on a rainy day = heaven!

Comfort food

Tuesday night I made the boy lobster. I lost a bet a few months back so I was living up to my word. Lobster with sauteed snow peas & squash, and garlic mashed potatoes. SOOO GOOD!

Lobster dinner

Wednesday night was another night of Via 313; hey I said I had to get it in πŸ™‚ I also discovered Crispin Cider Georgia that they make in Bourbon barrels. It has great flavor and isn’t too sweet. If you’re gluten-free or just like cider, I highly recommend checking out along with their other Barrel Aged Limited Releases.

Via 313 Monday Night New cider

Oh and I ran into this friend on the way to dinner. It started going after my car. Not cool dude or dudette!

Bird on the use

Last week I found this fun trick-or-treat bag…magical

Mickey Mouse Ears

I got my order from Erin Condren – a 2014 planner and an address book. I love that I can personalize both of these, and they keep me very organized. Check our Erin’s stuff here: https://www.erincondren.com/. She has great stuff that can be personalized, and what better time than now with the holidays coming up (stationery, stickers, calendars, notepads, invitations, etc.)

New calendar for 2014

Last week was a good week. Stay tuned tomorrow to hear all about a 21-day reset I’m doing. Getting ready for the holidays and my sister’s wedding!


Heart’s Full!

I had a ridiculously awesome weekend!

Friday night I went to karaoke.


I didn’t have the courage to get up there and sing, but I did sing-along from my chair. It was so much fun!

Saturday was filled with quality time with the boy, errands, a girl’s afternoon with my friend Mary, a little cooking, and pizza and a lazy Saturday night.

After spending time with the boy and running errands, I met up with my friend Mary at Zach Theater where we saw Les Miserables. It was incredible! We had amazing seats too; 7 rows back, smack in the middle.

Les Miserables

I ended up walking to a from the theatre because it is only a mile from my place and the weather was INCREDIBLE this weekend. Sunny and low 70s. LOVED every second of it.

After the place I went back to my place and made some hummus for football the next day. My friend Sarah was coming and it was her one request. I ended up making a plain hummus and then split it into three bowls and made a sundried tomato hummus and an olive hummus. It’s so easy and simple to make hummus, it makes buying it seem silly and expensive.


Saturday night I went to Via 313 for dinner. I had been craving it since one of my friends brought it up. If you’re in Austin, or visiting Austin, you MUST try Via 313 pizza. I know I’ve talk about it before, but it seriously is amazing. Two brothers from Detroit started the company a few years ago. They had moved to Austin with hopes of opening up a restaurant. Unfortunately that wasn’t in the cards for them at the time so they opened a food trailer. Since then they have found so much success with their pizzas that they have two trailers and I think are gearing up to open that restaurant. I enjoyed The Cadillac (gluten-free of course!). Via 313 uses our pizza blend to make the gluten-free crusts. It’s out of this world.

Via 313 Pizza

Sunday was full of cooking, football and friends. On top of the hummus I made spinach and artichoke dip and chili. It was SOOOOOOOO good! I would have to say that yesterday was my favorite day. I love hanging out with friends, watching football and eating good food. Seriously, nothing beats it. The bonus to the day was my team actually won! Maybe they’re turning things around πŸ™‚

Hope y’all had a wonderful weekend! Looking forward to a fun, busy week!

Question: What was your favorite part of your weekend?

Clean Eating All Week Long!

This week I was determine to get my eating back on track. I haven’t be eating nearly as many fruits and veggies in the last few months, and I could tell both physically and mentally. So, this week when I went to the grocery my plan was to fill the cart up with lots of fruits and veggies. Does it look like I succeed? (Not pictured: mixed greens, arugula, spinach and kale)

Fresh start fresh fruits and veggies

Basket of fruit

I cleaned all the fruit and veggies so they are ready to go! To help me cut back on some of the cooking, I prepared lentils, quinoa and spaghetti squash a head of time. These are great add on’s to any meal that I make this week.

Spaghetti squash

Breakfast this week has consisted of 1/2 cup of gluten-free oatmeal cooked in 1 cup of almond milk topped with 1 banana, 1 Tbsp of peanut butter, drizzle of honey, and cinnamon.

Oatmeal with banana peanut butter honey and cinnamon

Morning snack this week has included Greenberry Shakeology – two days with strawberries and blueberries, one day with just strawberries. Sorry no picture!

Lunch on Monday was a microgreen salad with avocado and balsamic & olive oil for the dressing. Lunch the last two days has consisted of yogurt with peaches (I had a plum yesterday) with cinnamon and honey.

Yogurt with fruit

My afternoon snack has stayed pretty consisted: cucumber with hummus. Simply, easy and delicious! Again, sorry no picture!

Dinner on Monday was out at a restaurant. I did indulge in some gluten-free chips & queso and guacamole, but for my meal I did a salad with shrimp, candied walnuts (there were only 2 in the whole salad, no joke), goat cheese and dressing on the side. Last night I had a plate full of veggies: kale & quinoa topped with a avocado cooked with balsamic and roasted cauliflower and brussels sprouts. SO YUMMY!

Tuesdays dinner

I feeling so much better already and it’s only Wednesday. Clean eating really makes a difference in how I feel. Now, making plans to get back on track with a few workouts before doing the Ultimate Reset started October 28. If you haven’t heard of Beachbody’s Ultimate Reset, I suggest you check it out. It changed my life in January! I have a new outlook on how I eat and what I eat. If it interests you, let me know I’d love for you to join me! And what better time right before the holiday πŸ™‚

Big Company News

Last week ended up being crazy busy, and a large part of that was due to our companies big exciting news:

Our frozen topped pizzas and pizza crusts are rolling out in the Southwest Region of Whole Foods!!! This includes: Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas and Oklahoma. Check out one of these locations and try our Classic Cheese, Garden Margherita, and Uncured Pepperoni Pizzas found in the freezer section. Also, if you’re feeling like making your own pizza, try our ancient grain crusts (they come two per pack).

Whole Foods_Pizzas_Lamar 2

I couldn’t be more excited! 1) I can finally shout it from the rooftops and 2) it was SO surreal walking into the grocery store and seeing the product on the shelves. I know it sounds silly, but until now I’ve never really thought about what it really means when I see product on the shelves.

I’m sure it is different with every company, but since being part of this company (joined in March) I know a little more than some of what has gone into getting the pizzas on the shelf. This is an incredible product. Our founder created an all-purpose flour that consists primarily of sorghum, amaranth and teff. Our pizzas have more of a whole grain taste and the consistency is of that of a thing crust whole wheat pizza – just no gluten!!! It’s AMAZING!

If live near a Whole Foods, and are in the Southwest region, check out our pizzas!

Book of Mormons

Sunday after I got off the plane and into the car I was told that plans had changed for the evening. We were going to go to a lottery drawing for tickets to see the Book of Mormons.


I was excited. I had heard so many wonderful things about the show, but didn’t know they were in town until a friend had posted something a few days before. I have to say, it didn’t disappoint. I laughed the entire time, and the seats rocked (front row). Definitely a must see.

I love musicals. I’m going to need to explore other shows that are in Austin. I saw Memphis and Wicked were coming next year. Going to have to check them out!