Focus T-25 – Day 3

Even though I went to bed early on Tuesday night, and got a good 8 hours of sleep, Wednesday was maybe the hardest day for me to get out of bed. Good news though, I GOT UP! I got my workout clothes on, which I laid out the night before, and pressed play. I was happy I did. ONLY 25 MINUTES!

Focus T25 Day 3

As you can tell I had quite the workout – Total Body Circuit – that it was my friends, that it was. There are areas where I have always been pretty strong, push ups are one of them. I’ve also been pretty good at holding a plank. However, when you start alternating arms and moving from left to right, it add a whole new element.

I am feeling stronger every day, and mentally finding zen. Little things that would have bothered me a couple of months ago, now don’t. With a clearer head I stop, think about what happened and if I can make light of a situation or laugh at it, I do. Re-learning to only take life seriously when necessary. 🙂

Yesterday was a good clean eating day until the grilled cheese sandwich I devoured last night. Breakfast – Bowl of fruit with homemade gluten-free bread & peanut butter. Snack – Greenberry Shakeology with cranberries and peaches. Lunch – Quinoa patties on top of spinach. PM Snack (which I didn’t have until 5 p.m.) – Veggie and hummus. Late dinner – Grilled cheese sandwich.

Clean eating post reset day 3

Because yesterday was so busy I wasn’t really thinking about when I needed to eat, so by the time I was hungry again in the afternoon it was almost time for dinner. The veggies would have held me over for the night, but I gave into my desire for the grilled cheese sandwich later on in the evening. It’s all good. Another day to eat better.

A fun new adventure I took part in last night was a glass blowing class. My friend Jamie found a Gropoun for it, and we decided to check it out. It was SO much fun!!! We each made a little something – Jamie made an ornament and I made a little vase. The class is a little on the pricy side, but it makes sense why. They have these huge machines that must use a lot of energy. Plus, the cost of materials might be a little expensive too. Either way, it was 100% worth it, and I’d do it again not at the discounted price.

Glass blowing class

Picking up my piece tomorrow, so I’ll share a picture with you when I have it.

Question: What’s something new you’ve tried recently?


Hi friends! Life has been pretty busy these last 24 hours and I haven’t gotten around to posting today’s blog. Forgive me if I don’t post until tomorrow? I promise tomorrow will be great. 🙂 Thanks for your patience and understanding!!!




Quick Facts Wednesday

All day yesterday I thought it was Monday. Every time I reminded myself it was Tuesday, I got excited! I love four day work weeks, especially when one of those days is a work from home day. Yesterday was a typical day of playing catch up after a holiday weekend. We have so much going on that it’s important to constantly make sure all your ducks are in a row.

Here are some quick facts for you this Wednesday morning:

  • I had an MRI yesterday. Never had one before, and I can’t say it was totally awful. I think I was less worried/nervous because the two people running the machine were so nice. One of them explain everything to me, and assured me it was going to be painless. I was so relaxed that I think I even fell asleep at one point.
  • I also had a massage yesterday; first time in a really long time. I was hoping that it would help with my back, and for the 60 minutes I was there it did. Sadly, it didn’t last.
  • Today is my last day of Insanity Asylum; I can’t believe it’s been 30 days. Looking forward to the workout, but even more excited for the fit test tomorrow to see how much I improved.
  • One of my best friends from high school is getting married this weekend. I’m excited to celebrate with him, his soon-to-be wife and their families.
  • Growing up my family had cats, but I always wanted a dog. The cats stayed outdoors except for the winter when they lived in the basement. My parents wanted cats so they could chase away the rabbits.
  • Yesterday I ordered my dress for my sister’s wedding. Can’t wait to wear it; it’s gorgeous.
  • In less than 6.5 months I will be 30. I’m excited. Bring on the dirty 30 🙂

Question: When’s the last time you had a massage?

A Special Mother’s Day Message…

This weekend was jammed packed with fun (new) adventures, but I’ll share that with you tomorrow. Today’s post is all about mom’s.

Yesterday was Mother’s Day and for the first time in years I wasn’t at home with my mom to celebrate.; it broke my heart. I know I can be (very) difficult at times, and I wasn’t always the easiest kid growing up (I still have my moments), but through it all my mom has stood by my side. She’s one of my biggest cheerleaders.

My mom has gone through some tough times in her life; some before I was born, and many after. Her determination to beat the odds is inspiring. She’s recently told me that I have inspired her with the things I have encountered in my life, but really my things are so small in scale compared to all the things she goes through on a daily basis. More than anything in this world I want her to catch a break from her chronic pain and bad diagnosis’. I want her to be able to do the things that she loves without limitations or hesitations.If I could wrap that up and put it in a box I would.

Since I was a little girl I have dreamed about being a mom one day. I love kids. To watch them grow and discover the world is exciting. If I’m half as good of a mom as my mom, my kids should count their blessings.

Just like I think Valentine’s Day is a silly “holiday” (you shouldn’t set one day aside to tell someone you love them), I think Mother’s Day is silly too. You should ALWAYS love your mom; ALWAYS celebrate her; ALWAYS shower her with hugs and kisses. I know that I am fortunate for many reasons to have the relationship I do with my mom, and to have love and support from her every day. I cherish my time with her whether we’re on the phone or together in the same place.

THANK YOU MOM for giving me life. For raising me to be the woman I am today. Thank you for showing me what it means to be fearless and courageous, to fight tough battles and to come out stronger. You are my hero for so many reason and I am truly blessed to be able to call you ‘mom.’ I love you to the moon & back a million times over and over again! xoxox

I must also give a shout out to…

To my friend’s (Shavonda, Kait, Cat, Maura, Joy, Leslie, Kelly, Melissa, Heather)  – it is a joy watching all of you become mother’s! You’re all incredible and your kids are lucky to have you as their mom’s; I’ll be sure to remind me of this as they get older. Thanks for setting the bar high!

To all the mom figures in my life (Mrs. Hughes, Mrs., Ascrizzi, Ms. Minter, Mrs. Pardun, Mrs. Baker, Mrs. Colwell-Jones, Ms. Anthony, Mrs. Linzer) – thank you for treating me like one of your own. I’m not only grateful for your love and generosity, but thankful for the amazing children you’ve raised that I call my friends.

To the two teachers who gave me hope and self confidence in myself and my learning abilities (Simone Smalley and Party Garrison) – thank you! I would not be where I am today without your words of encouragement, endless hours of teaching and guidance, and your belief in me that I was good enough, smart enough.

To the second mom in my life (Mama Jayne) – I’m beyond lucky to have you in my life. Thank you for ALL the love and support. I always feel like I’m home when I visit. Holidays are one of a kind, and I wouldn’t trade them for anything.



Moving and Grooving

I have to be honest, I have had so much going on this week at work that by the time I leave I just go home and crash. I haven’t gone to any MeetUp events this week, but I figure that I am allowed to have one “quiet” week. However, next week has to be different. It is very important for me to get out and meet people.

I promised myself when I moved that I would put myself out there and make new friends. This is important whether you move to a new city, or if you have come to the conclusion that you need to make different friends. Chalene Johnson, the author of PUSH and fitness enthusiast, frequently talks about the negative people in your life and how you should not make time for them; that it is important to “tighten your circle” and surround yourself with positive people who lift you up, not bring you down. Life isn’t about how many friends you have, it’s about the quality of friends. Asses your social scene this weekend and consider making new friends. It’s not always easy to cut ties with people you have known for several years, but it is better than letting them bring you down. You deserve to be happy (remember that, ALWAYS).

Moving on 🙂

Yesterday was another long day in the office. I’m moving and grooving and getting things done. So many wonderful things happening, and I CANNOT wait to share with everyone!

I started my morning with a fabulous workout. My back is still not 100% (go to the doctor’s next week), but I am not making excuses; still getting my sweat on. It’s important to note that while you can sometimes work through an injury, make sure you modify so that you do not further injure yourself.  If you aren’t sure how to modify your workout ask a trainer or your doctor.

I’m love Insanity; one of my favorite programs. Insanity Asylum 1 is just as amazing that I am strongly considering getting Insanity Certified so I can teach classes. Last year, I signed up to be a Beachbody Coach because I wanted the discount, but after going through my transformation it became SO MUCH MORE.

Plyo 1Plyo 2Plyo 3Plyo 4Plyo 5

My life did a 180 when I started working out last January 2, 2012. I committed to P90X for 90-days, I was drinking Shakeology, and eating right. I had amazing support from my coach, my challenge group (added accountability), family and friends. Throughout my journey I gain self-confidence in who I was as a person (daughter, sister, and friend) and learned my own self-worth. I MATTER (and so do you).

Because of this I started thinking about other ways that I could help people achieve their fitness goals and create healthy lifestyles for themselves. Being and active Beachbody coach is one of the, but getting certified as a personal trainer was another.



Unfortunately, because of cost I have to put that certification on hold. Thankfully though, Beachbody has created a program where you can get certified to be an Insanity Trainer. It’s more affordable and it’s a program that I believe in. Has anyone gone through the certification? What did you think? I’ll let you know what I decide to do. Stay tuned!

Before I end this fabulous Friday blog, I will leave you with what I ate Thursday. I made DELICIOUS gluten free “spring roll” with a dipping sauce (recipe to follow) that made the whole meal. I didn’t take a picture of my evening treat, but I go fro-yo AGAIN. I’m starting to think I need a fro-yo intervention. I wonder if I can go 21-days without eating fro-yo. Hmmm, I might take on this challenge. I’ll let you know Monday. 🙂

What I Ate Thursday

Lindsay’s “Spring Roll” Dipping Sauce:


  • 2 Tbsp. Gluten Free Reduced Sodium Soy Sauce (San-J)
  • 2 tsp. Fish Sauce (Thai Kitchen)
  • 2 tsp. Rice Vinegar Lite (Marukan)
  • 1-1 ½ tsp. Toasted Sesame Oil
  • 1 tsp. Sirarcha Hot Chili Sauce (amount vary depending on how hot you want the sauce)
  • 1 Tbsp. Minced Ginger

Hope everyone has a FABULOUS Friday!

awesome and bombdiggity

(Borrowed this from my friend; love it!)

Question: What are your plans this weekend?

My stuff has arrived!

My thoughts and prayers go out to those in West, Texas. Very sad to hear about the explosion at the plant. May all those who were effected find peace. May the town stand united and come back stronger than before.

praying for west

I couldn’t contain my excitement on Tuesday when my stuff finally arrived. I was so very happy my whole attitude changed. No really! A huge weight lifted off my shoulders and I felt a sense of calm after the movers left.

Living in an empty apartment for a week and a half isn’t fun; the site of the boxes made me smile. When reality sank in…all of these needed to be unpacked…my mind started racing about how quickly I could get it all done.

This is what my apartment looked like when the movers were done taking everything off of the truck.

My stuff arrives part 2 My stuff arrives part 3

As I was signing paperwork, I jokingly said to the movers, “so, who’s going to unpack all of this?” Haha. They laughed, but also offered to help. Seriously, while I had issues with the office of the moving company, the driver was super nice and very efficient. After the movers left I headed to work for another productive day.

Tuesday night I grabbed a bite to eat with my friend Mimi and her sister, Stefanija. We had SO much fun! These two women are so sweet, and are really making me feel welcomed in my new city.

This is Mimi and me at dinner. We met through a Beachbody challenge group (thanks Kelly!). Mimi and I both agreed that we felt like we have known each other forever. Always a good feeling when making new friends.

Mimi and Me

We went to Banger’s Sausage House & Beer Garden (check ’em out). Look at their wall of 100 beers. A beer lovers dream!

100 beers on the wall

The weather was so beautiful that we decided to sit outside. Even though you have to wait to be seated they have large community tables. You don’t even realize that you are sitting at a table with a bunch of other people. It’s really cool; several places that I have been to in Austin have been like this. I like it!

For dinner I enjoyed an omission beer (gluten free),

Omission Beer

chicken and spinach sausage (no bun because they didn’t have one that was gluten free),

Chicken and spinach sausage

and some yummy fries.

A side of fries

Y’all this was a side of fries! I shared with the ladies because even though I could have eaten all of them myself, I knew I didn’t need to eat all of them.

Tuesday night at Banger’s includes live music. Ahhh, welcome to Austin! 🙂

Outdoors at dinner

After dinner I went home to unpack a few boxes, but a few turned into several. This was the first thing I unpacked – my Vitamix blender!

THE Blender

Very necessary in a household where one drinks Shakeology every day. I could have gone to bed after unpacking this, because it was the second most anticipated item I was waiting for, but I kept going…

Night one of unpacking complete 3

The kitchen is completely unpacked. I can’t wait to cook in it this weekend. Here is what the apartment looked like later the night, errr the next morning.

Night one of unpacking complete 2

Night one of unpacking complete

Not too shabby for one night. When I was packing I labeled each box based on which room it belongs in (color coded of course), numbered it, and listed the general items that were in each box on a piece of paper. It really has made things 110% easier to unpack. I’ll share a picture of my list tomorrow.

The difficult task that I find with unpacking is where to put things that make sense. Being in a new place you have to learn the flow of the space. I made a list of things that I needed to get for the kitchen that will help make things easier during my time in the apartment.For now though it is ready to be cooked in!

Night one of unpacking was a success. Not only did I get the kitchen organized, but I put away my clothes in the dresser. My closet was a different story; I left this for day two of unpacking!

Question: I know moving is difficult, but if you had to choice which you liked better packing or unpacking which would you pick?