Crazy Day at the Office

Things are booming here at Smart Flour Foods, and I couldn’t be more excited! We’re all working hard to put the final touches on our retail line, as well as numerous other to-do’s. I’m proud to be a part of this tremendous hard working team, and ecstatic for where we are going as a company.

To keep up with the craziness my clean eating and workouts are more important than every. Unfortunately I didn’t get a workout in yesterday, but I was running around so much and made dinner that I wasn’t sitting very idle; not even at work! It’s okay, I can make up for it today and the rest of the weekend. 🙂

What I Ate Wednesday Edition:

  • Breakfast: steel oats, eggs and cheese with Thai coffee (thanks Thrice!)Thai Coffee
  • Snack: Greenberry Shakeology with frozen raspberries, blackberries and peaches Shakeology
  • Lunch: Microgreen salad with veggies, wasabi peas and balsamic vinaigrette Salad
  • Snack: Pizza – we’re sampling a new flavor. I’m trying the 2 bite rule. Did ok, but room for improvement 🙂
  • Dinner: Quinoa vegetable pasta with squash, hatch pepper, cherry tomatoes and chicken meatballs (fresh basil and Parmigiano-Reggiano on top) Dinner

Yesterday we were challenged in my accountability to drink plenty of water and post pictures. I don’t like soda (plus, dark soda hurts my stomach) and juice is too sweet. I have no problem drinking water, sometimes I drink too much. Did you know you can drink too much water? Haha 🙂 Learn something new every day! Every day I'm guzzling

Question: What’s your water intake like every day? Could you drink more?

My Love for Cooking

I was lucky to grow up with a mom who could cook! We even ate a lot of things as kids that most adults dislike (i.e. brussels sprouts). It was important to my parents that we have family dinner during the week nights. It was a time for us to come together as a family and for my parents to learn about how our days’ went. It was their little way of checking in on us kids. Occasionally we did take out, but usually mom cooked.

As I got older, I could be found in the kitchen helping my mom. I have truly learned from the best, and continue to learn from her daily. When I go home to Pittsburgh, and mom’s cooking, I’m either in the kitchen helping or keeping my mom company. For me, cooking is another way to escape from all the worries of the day (my workouts do the same thing). I would much rather cook than bake. Baking to me is too precise and rigid, where as cooking you can throw a meal together and measurements are not everything. Lately though, I’ve gotten more curious about baking (mainly because I want to make gluten free goodies). I’ve even considering experimenting with my company’s all-purpose flour; we’ll see what happens 🙂

There are many reasons why cooking from scratch is good, but I won’t get into the reasons. I like that I can use fresh ingredients when I cook and control my portions. It is all part of my equation to live a healthier lifestyle. I’ve always felt that it is easier to cook for a group of people than it is to cook for just one. Although, I’ve become pretty good at making meals for one. In college we would have Thursday or Sunday night dinner where I would cook for a group of 10-15 people. I loved it!

Since I’ve been dating the boy, I’ve been making several meals for two. Last night I made sea bass with green beans and quinoa salad. The boy said it was by far his favorite meal I’ve made yet! 🙂 I found a recipe on Food Network for Sea Bass alla Fiorentina, but had to change it up when I forgot the gluten free flour at home. Again, it was the boys favorite meal I’ve made so clearly it all turn out well. Here are the recipes:

Sea Bass with Tomato Basil Sauce_Green Beans_Quinoa Salad

Bon Appétit!

Fire Alarm

Let’s start with, I am grateful that my apartment building/complex has an alarm system; no really I am! Last week they did routine testing to make sure it worked properly; great I feel safer. What baffles me is that at 1 a.m. it went off….for NO REASON! It is by far the loudest alarm I have ever heard. Not to mention it is twice as loud in the hallways because of the concrete floors. I am convinced that everyone within a 3 miles radius heard the alarm going off as well. I was in a VERY deep slumber and was scared out of my mind by the alarm. Several people gathered outside the apartment for about 20 minutes at which point the alarm stopped. We never saw and first respondents show up, which was interesting to me. We went back in side and I tossed and turned the rest of the night until my alarm went off for my early morning workout…. My body needed the rest so I slept an extra 30 minutes.

While I was getting ready for work the alarm proceeded to go off THREE more times, and as I was leaving it was going off again. Let’s hope they fix this “little problem” as they put it in the email they sent out to residents. I sure could use a good night sleep!

Moving on….

Monday was actually a very productive day. I got a lot done at the office and feeling pretty good about the week ahead. I managed to eat clean all day; that is until dinner (the boy made it):

  • Breakfast: Shakeology
  • Snack: Shakeology                                       Shakeology
  • Lunch: Salad with chicken and homemade balsamic dressing  Salad
  • Snack: Hummus & veggies
  • Dinner: 2 grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato soup
  • Dessert: Klondike bar

Now I’ll be honest, I should have skipped the Klondike bar, mainly because I was fully. And even though gluten free bread is smaller than regular bread, 2 sandwiches was a lot. I should have been more mindful when I was eating, it was just so good! We’ll consider this my cheat meal for the week and I’ll be more mindful during the rest of the week. Everything in moderation.

Yesterday, I started week 4 of ChaLEAN Extreme (CLX) Burn Circuit. I am happy with my progress, but know it could be better if I cleaned up my eating. This is my focus the rest of the week, and of course as I start the second phase of CLX. I’m lifting heavier and continuing to work on my form; taking pictures is really helping.


My meals and workouts are planned for the rest of the week; I’m ready to go! Here’s hoping there is no more issues with the alarm. I’m ready for a good night of sleep.

Question: If you’re trying to lose weight and tone up, what is one thing you could work on to help your progress?

Whirlwind of a weekend!

Due to traveling on Friday, I didn’t get around to posting. I know it seems like I keep missing a day here and there, and I apologize, but things are just a little busy. I promise though to always keep you posted on what’s happening, even if it takes me an extra day or two to post.

Thursday was my last day in town before heading home to Pittsburgh. It was a very bizzare day that started off on the right foot with a healthy breakfast and prepping my shakeology for my morning snack.

photo 1 Morning Shakeology

Then the craziness began. I went to take the elevator to the roof to get to my car and the elevator wasn’t working. The light would be lit for a split second and then it went off. So, I walked the stairs. There aren’t many, and I didn’t mind, but I didn’t realize this was just the beginning.

That day we were to deliver pizzas to 4 grocery stores in the area, as well as on up in Dallas. They were having a big meeting about how our product would be in stores and we thought it would be nice for people to try the pizzas before they hit shelves. I’m driving along and my tire light comes up. REALLY?!?! Thankfully it was just low pressure, but I was nervous that I’d have a flat tire.

Low Tire Pressure

I got to my destination to make the pizzas and the person’s whose house I was at had to leave immediately because of a personal emergency. I was left alone to cook the pizzas and was so worried something was going to go wrong. Thankfully the pizzas cooked nicely (although I thought two of them were going to burn the oven was so powerful). After I cooked the pizzas I immediately went to the store to drop them off….except they didn’t know I was coming nor did they know about a noon meeting. WHAT? I ended up talking to the store manager explaining about who we were and why we were dropping off the pizzas. I left there and thought to myself, “IT IS ONLY NOON!” I was really hoping the day would get better…. Thankfully it didn’t get weirder. If I didn’t know better I would have thought there was a full moon that night.

That night when I was driving I saw a rainbow in the sky…. there was no rain! If you look right under the lamp post you should be able to see it faintly.

Rainbow 2

Pretty cool! That night I made dinner for me and the boy. On the menu: Tilapia with Purple Potato Crust and Chive Rosemary Oil, side of zucchini, squash and purple potatoes, and a side salad with homemade balsamic vinaigrette. It was YUMMY! Dinner

Next time I make it I am going to cook this potato side up for 10 minutes and then under the broiler for 1-2 minutes to brown the potatoes. The instructions said to bake potato side down, but that didn’t work out so well when serving.

Friday I spent traveling home to Pittsburgh, hanging with my mom and her friend, and having sushi with dad for dinner. We had so much sushi, and it was SO good. Worth EVERY bite!


Saturday was all about my sister Erin. It was the day of her wedding shower. Family friend’s were throwing it on her behalf. It couldn’t have been a nicer day in Pittsburgh. Everything turned out amazing!

Erins shower 1

The space

Erins shower 2

My sister giving a speech | My mom and me

Sunday was brunch at the family restaurant, more time with family then off to the airport to head back to Austin. All in all it has been a solid 4 days! Glad nothing bad happened on Thursday among all the craziness, and grateful for a beautiful weekend with my family (only sorry my brother couldn’t make it).

Question: How was your weekend?

What Happened to Wednesday?

Wednesday was a complete 180 from Monday and even more so from Tuesday. We were so busy at work yesterday that when I finally looked at the clock is was 4 p.m. I couldn’t help but think, “WHERE DID THE DAY GO?”

The day started off on the right foot:

  • Morning workout – check
  • Healthy Breakfast – check
  • Morning Coffee from Thrice – check
  • Productive Morning in the office – check

Finished week 3 of CLX. I feel great and much stronger. I’m not only keeping track of how much I lift for each set with my guide book, but I’m keeping track of how the weight feels. I pay attention whether or not the weight is heavy enough or if I need to add more weight next time. I write it down and make a note so I can make adjustments the next time I do the workout.

CLX Burn Circuit 3_1 CLX Burn Circuit 3_2Coffee from ThriceTo keep me fueled for the day I ate clean:

  • Breakfast: 1 egg, 1 egg white, red & green bell peppers; 2 pieces of turkey bacon; bowl of fresh berries (raspberries, blueberries and blackberries)
  • Lunch: Salad with chicken, carrots, bell peppers, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes and Ginger Sesame Miso Dressing
  • Snack: Shakeology
  • Snack: Bell peppers and cucumbers with Mediterranean hummus
  • Dinner (at HopDoddy’s): Burger (no bun) with goat cheese and pesto, small handful of fries and a margarita – it was my cheat meal for the week; and honestly I think I made good decisions

Dinner with a friendYesterday trumped the rest of the week a million and one times over and over again. Had a wonderful workout, an amazing day at work, a great dinner with a dear, dear friend, a good convo with the boy, and one of my best friend got engaged! HAPPINESS ALL AROUND! Life is GREAT!

Question: Do you give yourself a cheat meal once (or twice) a week?

More Juggling

Another day…. another desk full of paperwork 🙂

I don’t work well in clutter, and unfortunately/fortunately my desk has been covered in it the last few days. We have numerous tradeshows coming up, along with our new product line being launched, so there is A LOT happening. Who is ready for some quality, gluten free pizza crusts and frozen topped pizzas in their grocery stores?!?!

SF CRUST with image pdp SF Pizza CHEESE Proof #5 CORRECTED 052113 SF Pizza MARG pdp SF Pizza PEPP pdpI know I’m bias, but I hadn’t take GOOD gluten free pizza until I tried this pizza. It takes more like a whole wheat pizza thanks to the ancient grains sorghum, amaranth and teff.

Yesterday was a mix of emotions. I stayed on track with my clean eating and got in a great run that helped me clear my head. A good run really helps me to let go of the worries and stress happening around me. Working out in general does this, but running is different. And for someone who didn’t like to run up until a year ago that’s a BOLD statement because I think running can be boring.

I thought it was a lot cooler outside when I first started running, but apparently it was H-O-T. I ran about 20 minutes and stopped because 1) it was too hot 2) I had tingling in my leg and 3) I needed to go to the boy’s house because he was making dinner (scary thought, but it actually was good!).


I love these running shorts that I got a few months ago; the bright color is AWESOME!

What did I eat yesterday to keep my body fueled?

  • Breakfast: 1 egg, 1 egg white, steel cut oats and cheddar cheese
  • Snack: Greenberry Shakeology with frozen blueberries and strawberries
  • Lunch: Nice fresh salad with homemade Ginger Sesame Miso Dressing from Beachbody’s Ultimate Reset cookbook with an apple on the sideLunch
  • Snack: Red and green bell peppers and cucumbers with Mediterranean Hummus
  • Dinner: Quinoa, chicken mushrooms and cheese (the boys concoction)

While it was awesome that the boy made me dinner, I have to say the highlight of my day was the phone call I received from a family friend telling me to talk him out of buying fried food. His wife is out of town and had to make dinner for himself. He was standing in front of the fried foods, which of course was more enticing than the healthier option. I think I talked him down 😉 Everything is moderation is my philosophy, but having a pack of fried anything around is not a good thing if you don’t have self control (I’m totally guilty of no self control when it comes to foods I love that should be in moderation).

Yesterday was rough, but thanks to my mom and my accountability group (my girlfriends) for letting me vent and a great run the day REALLY turned around. I appreciate all the support and am grateful to each and every one of you ladies. I’m stronger and wiser thanks to each of you.

Question: How do you release stress?

Juggling Act

You would think after being the circus for 6 summers that I would know how to juggle. I don’t. However, I’m usually pretty good at juggling life, keeping things organized, and making lists to stay on track. Yesterday was another crazy Monday that got away from me, which meant no blog. Today I promise to fill you in. So, what’s been happening around my neck of the woods?

Friday morning started with Burn Circuit 1; week 3 of CLX. Reminder, I haven’t been doing Burn Intervals or Burn It Off due to my back; I might try them out this week to see how it goes. I have been subbing those cardio workouts for running and walking. My morning workout got me pumped for the day.

Friday Workout

Friday was a busy productive day in the office. I was ready though when the clock struck 5 p.m. It had been a long week and I was ready to relax and recharge. First up, happy hour to hang with fun people. The boys made a bet and the loser had to buy the other guy a shot – Irish Car Bomb.

Happy Hour Friday

Saturday was nice and relaxing. Woke up, went to the Farmers Market, walked around the city with my friend who is leaving for two weeks (boo, hiss) and then headed to San Antonio for the boy’s office kickoff party.

San Antonio Soccer Game

The last time I went to a soccer game was in college. Maryland’s soccer team was really good. They were ACC champions when I was there twice. It was fun to watch the game; sad to see the home team lose.

Sunday brought a little work in the morning, followed by a birthday celebration in the afternoon and a little Ray Donovan later that night. How amazing is this cake. It was a bunch of cupcakes put together and then decorated. They weren’t gluten free, so I didn’t have any, but they looked and smelled amazing!

Birthday Party

Yesterday was a crazy day in the office as I mentioned before. We have 5 shows in the next 2 months with another 5 currently scheduled for the beginning of next year. Making this, checking things off. Got in a great workout after work. It was JUST what I needed. Seriously, nothing like a good workout to release stress.

CLX Burn Circuit 2_Part 1 CLX Burn Circuit 2_Part 2

I absolutely love ChaLEAN Extreme. I’m only on week three, but I’m already feeling so much stronger than I did three weeks ago. I have a photo app on my phone that has a timer. Not only is it great to take pictures to share, but it’s great to check my form. I realized yesterday that when I do deadlifts my back ends up arched. It’s either that I’m not that flexible yet, or not that strong and I”m lifting too heavy. Going to figure it!

Well that’s it for now. Off to work on my to-do list for work. Have a great day y’all!

Question: What did you do this weekend?