Before last year I had done yoga and loved it because it was a great way for me to unwind. Then last year, I fell in love with the Beachbody programs and I had a difficult time focusing and relaxing with yoga. I needed the intense, crazy, insane workout to release stress. \

On Wednesday I had a rough day at the office. I am the marketing team for my job. As a start up, you have to be someone who wears many hats, and do many things. Don’t get me wrong, I absolute LOVE what I do. With all that we have going on, I just became overwhelmed. It took me 3 hours to decompress from the day. When I finally did I decided I would try some yoga.

The physical therapist that I have been seeing for my back had asked me a few weeks ago if I did yoga. I told him no, and he suggest that I try to get back into it because long-term it would be good for my back. Again, I was hesitant. I just couldn’t image being to stick with it long enough to get any benefit.

Well, Wednesday night I did yoga for 20 minutes. I concentrated on my breathing and focused on the moves. I found a way to turn off outside noises and relax. I felt really good after those 20-minutes. I think I even slept better when I finally when to sleep.

I’m planning on incorporating it back into my workout routine. I’ll start with once a week. They have yoga on the lower roof of Whole Foods. My friend Mary invited me to join her this past week, but at the time all I wanted to do was sleep. I told her start in October I want to go every Wednesday.

I’m glad that I found my way back to yoga, and hope that I continue to find my way back into a workout routine. I’ve been contemplating starting a new workout program. I’ve seen PUMP and T25, and heard amazing things about both. I’m going to think about it over the weekend. I’ll keep you posted!

Question: Have you tried yoga? What about it did you like or not like?

Day 1 – Small steps!

Before I talk about getting back on track, I have to share a quick (I promise it will be) story with all of you friends. Over two years ago I met my friend Kelly through twitter. We exchanged several emails about who I was, my health history, and how I wanted to change my lifestyle. Kelly couldn’t have been more supportive! It turns out though, I wasn’t ready to commit.

At the end of 2011, I went to the doctor for a routine check-up. When I got on the scale and saw the number my heart sank. I knew it was time to get serious. I talked to Kelly and told her I was ready to commit and get my life back. I decide to do P90X for 90 days and clean up my eating. Thanks to Kelly’s support, and the support of my accountability group, I am where I am today.

This hot mama of three motivates and inspires me every single day, and in all aspects of my life! She has stood besides me while I went through some major life changes, and cheered me on the entire way. Kelly even encouraged me to be a Beachbody coach because she said I had a story to share with others. She couldn’t have been more right. I love being a Beachbody coach and share my story with others, but more importantly I love hearing their stories. I’m beyond grateful for Kelly’s support, friendship, and love. Happy birthday friend!!! Hope your day was amazing! xo

Happy birthday Kelly

Well day one of my healthy lifestyle was successful for the most part. I took small steps in my 10 steps to get back on track. I’m very proud of myself because I know those small steps will turn into big steps.

I stayed on track with my clean eating. I think the best meal was the fabulous dinner I made for my good friend Mary and myself – baked salmon with homemade pesto and sides of broccolini and quinoa with cherry tomatoes, feta, parsley, olive oil and balsamic. It was delicious!

Salmon dinner

I was in bed by 10 p.m., but did not workout. I couldn’t get myself out of bed, and only had 15 minutes between when I got home and when Mary got to my apartment. I know I said no excuses, but I’m clearly making them. I will get back on track with my morning workouts and it will be fantastic!

Okay, off to bed! It’s 42 minutes past my bedtime 🙂

Question: What did you do yesterday to recommit?

Hiatus & Recommitting!

CONFESSION: I have taken brief hiatus from blogging and my healthy lifestyle, but today I’m recommitting! I didn’t get to where I am physically and mentally by just sitting around. I’m not going to be bummed about the lack of workouts or clean eating, instead I’m moving forward and starting new.

Motivation to get back on track

So, what steps am I going to take to get back on track? Here’s a breakdown:

  1. Commit to working out 6 days a week.
  2. Plan my meals on Saturday and prep on Sunday.
  3. Go to bed no later than 10 p.m.
  4. Workout in the morning before work.
  5. No more bites, licks, and tastes (BLT).
  6. Eat 5 small meals a day.
  7. Portion out my meals.
  8. Fill my water cup up 6-7 times a day.
  9. Check in with my accountability groups every day – share foods & workouts.
  10. Make no excuses & remember every day how and why I got to where I am today.

Question: Who’s with me? Have you let your workouts fall to the way side? Has your eating gotten out of control? Do you feel like you’re lacking motivation in your day? What can you do to get motivated to get on track?

Let’s Catch Up!

Well it’s official…. I need to hire an intern! Work was so crazy last week that I barely came up for air. What didn’t help was that the Jewish New Year was on Thursday, which meant no work for this girl. Three days in the office is not enough for everything that needed to get done. I’m learning to take each thing one-by-one, and do what I can when I can do it.


Happy Birthday Z! Thirteen short years ago I met this crazy lady. I had heard her name thrown around in the circus program because she was amazing at the flying trapeze (she even had a trick named after her). We spent 4 weeks together as counselors and have been best friends ever since. We have shared MANY MANY MANY laughs together over the years. I’m beyond grateful to have her in my life and to call her my friend. Next year I will be standing next to her as she becomes a Mrs.


Tuesday night I grabbed sushi with the boy. (Side note: I found the Uncle Julios that they opened in July.)

Uncle Julios

I was so stressed and worried about work that I feel like I wasn’t very present at dinner. At one point the boy even said he could see the stress on my face; I felt bad. Dinner was delicious, and the company was exceptional.


I couldn’t even tell you what happened on Wednesday except that I got the greatest surprise at work – the boy dropped off flowers “just because” & to brighten my day. Well it worked! He wanted to get me black and gold flowers (I’m a Pittsburgh Steelers fan), but he couldn’t find black flowers. Haha, go figure. 🙂 As of this morning they still looked pretty.

Flowers at work Flowers at home


Celebrated the Jewish new year by going to services in the morning, doing a little work around the house, and even sat by the pool for a bit.

Pool side


After a crazy two days at the office I was mentally prepared for one more day before the weekend. It was a crazy day and I had a little delay in getting out of work, but once I did I enjoyed a HH with friends and dinner with the boy.


A day full of errands and relaxation. Started the day with brunch, then errands around town, followed by supervising the boy as he cleaned. Look at these pretty sparkly headbands I found:

Sparkly Hair Bands

While I was supervising, I watched the Maryland Football game! It was on t.v. here, and I was super excited! Saturday night we met up with my friend Mary and her boyfriend who was in town for the weekend. We enjoyed some good conversation and a little more football before calling it a day.


Happy Birthday Shauna!!! I’m so excited this girl came to Austin for the year & our paths cross. She is one of the sweetest people I’ve met, and we have some great conversations. We always have a blast together, even if it’s just hanging by the pool. I love this girls honesty, and love her perspective on things in life.

Happy Birthday Shauna

This day also marked the first official Sunday of football!








The boy bought the ticket so he invited people over to his place to watch the games. I made spinach & artichoke dip, buffalo dip, and loaded potato skins. We had planned on making gluten free pizzas with Smart Flour pizza crusts, but we were so full from the dips that we didn’t make pizzas.

Very sad my Steelers lost, but hoping they pick it up as the season progresses.

Question: Are you excited that football has started? Who is your favorite team?

Summer is Over

It’s shocking to me how quickly these summer months flew by. I guess the saying, “Time flies when you’re having fun” is true! It’s been an amazing first summer in Austin, which only has me excited for what’s ahead.

So, how did I end my summer? Here’s a quick rundown:

Thursday: Had a productive day at work; got my dress for my sister’s wedding; had a good workout; ate delicious, clean, gluten free food prepared by moi.

Dress for Erins Wedding Thursday WorkoutFridays CLX Burn Circuit 3

Friday: Started the day with a workout (last day of CLX Burn Circuit); had a semi-productive day at work (hard to concentrate on a Friday before a holiday), and finished the week of with a girls night (plus Chad) that consisted of dinner and a comedy show.

CLX Phase 1 Complete

Saturday: Slept in – no really until 8:45 a.m., at which point I moved to the couch and slept for another hour. Y’all I don’t sleep in on weekends! I usually wake up between 6 and 6:30 a.m. I must have been tired! After being lazy all morning I spent the rest of the day cleaning & scrubbing the apartment (still need to work on that left side of my closet). It was such a busy day that I think I fell asleep somewhere around 8:30/9 p.m. I did manage to make this yummy lunch:

Saturday Lunch

Sunday: Grabbed coffee and a treat (gluten free coffee cake) from Thrice

Sunday Coffee and Breakfast

Worked on some marketing materials for my family’s restaurants while hanging out with the boy’s cat (no picture necessary);

Got a mani/pedi, ran errands & ate lunch;

Mani Pedi

Ended the day with going to see Randy Rogers with friends. How neat is this van I found?!?!

Deep Eddy Van

LOVE me some Deep Eddy Ruby Red! Confession: I didn’t actually see Randy Rogers perform. The concert started at 7:30 p.m. By 10 p.m. I was falling asleep. Since the show was an hour from Austin I figured it was better to get on the road before I got too tired.

Monday: Early morning workout – CLX Push Circuit 1

Mondays CLX Push Circuit 1

Followed by breakfast with my friend Mary, who has been gone for two weeks; picked up the boy from the airport; pool time with good friends; and finished with a relaxing evening with the boy.

Ready for this short, yet busy week ahead! Happy September!

Question: How did you spend your last week of summer?