Viva Mexico! (Part 3)

As they say, “All good things must come to an end.” This unfortunately held true for vacation. Good news the last day ended on a very high note. In the morning we went swimming with dolphins. We got to pet them, dance with them, give them a smooch, smile with them and go for a ride with them (they stuck their mouths at the balls of our feet and swam; it was so neat). We had a blast!





After swimming with the dolphins we went to Playa del Carmen beach with the two sisters we met. It was a gorgeous last day on the beach and the water was a perfect temperature.

Statue on Playa del Carmen

We stopped in one of the many Senor Frogs so that one fo the sister’s could get a drink.

Me and Zack Senor Frog

Me and Laurie Senor Frog

Zack and the ladies

I saw these funny signs on the wall

Sign 2 Senor Frog       Sign 1 at Senor Frog

We even saw a fish weighing contest. I’m not sure how it works, but my guess is everyone goes out and brings back their catch of the day. It took a good ten minutes before they got the marlin up to weigh it. Pretty certain that the fish weighed more than the four of us together.

Marlin on Playa del Carmen

We ended the day with dinner at the seafood restaurant, a view, and then drinks with friends.

Sunset last night

It was a fantastic vacation (and much needed). I can’t wait for the next one! 🙂

Beach love


Viva Mexico (Part 2)

When we left off yesterday I was in Mexico with the boy enjoying a wonderful, relaxing, much-needed vacation. In planning the trip I knew that I wanted to go somewhere that had a pool and a beach where I could lay around and do nothing. What I didn’t realize is that I’m not good at sitting around doing nothing. Sure, I get in the occasional slump with my workouts, but I always feel better when I’m moving. I think I get it from my dad. Any time we’ve gone on a beach vacation he is not able to sit still. Turns out, I’m not good at it either. The good news is, I wasn’t alone. The boy was more than happy to not stay on the resort or just sit by the pool.

On Tuesday morning we got up, had breakfast and then headed to Cozumel for the day. Cozumel was just a quick 25 minute ferry ride from Playa del Carmen. When we arrived we met a couple who happened to be staying at our same resort. They had been to Cozumel before and recommended we rent a vespa for the day to see the island. Boy were they right! I’ll admit I was completely out of my comfort zone on the vespa, and was sure at one point that we were going to get hit by one of the many crazy drivers on the road. The good news is that after we were about a mile out-of-town there was a separate road for bikes and vespas. I had confidence that we were going to be fine, because the boy owns a motorcycle. I swore I would never get on one, and after riding the vespa I still never will. The good news is we survived.

During our ride we stopped at a little bar along the way to lunch and look what I found, a terrible towel.

Steelers in Mexico

I felt right at home! After a pit stop we continued to cruise the island. The views of the ocean were incredible The sky was bright blue and the water was incredible shades of blue and green.

A view from the top

For lunch we ate at a little bar at the top of a hill/cliff. The views were also incredible

Lunch view in Cozumel

After a wonderful day at Cozumel it was time to head back to the resort and enjoy a relaxing evening


After a crazy exhausting, but fun day at Cozumel I felt like I could give the whole sit at the pool or beach a try. The resort didn’t have a real beach, but they had this area with sand, some ocean and lounge chairs & beach beds. It was pretty!

Beach day at the resortI took my iPad with me to read. I was good for part of the day and then started to get antsy. Good news was we ended up meeting two women who were sister’s who had just arrived to the resort. We were having so much fun that the boy and I invited them along for dinner. We had a blast!

Me and Laurie Zack and Julie

On Thursday the boy went diving for the day. I hung out at the “beach” for a little before meeting up with the sister’s and the couple we hung out with in Cozumel. It was a great day of hanging out in the sun. Later that night was spent enjoying dinner and a few drinks with friends.

On Friday we hung out by the pool and met some really sweet people from England. We spent the day hanging and drinking with them and had a blast. It really was a good day! I couldn’t believe our trip was almost coming to an end. I was so bummed. I could easily stay for another week, but was also ready to come back to Austin (not work, but my own bed).

Saturday I did something that I had been wanting to do for years – swim with dolphins! Which, I think this a great place to stop. I’ll share pictures of my last day on vacation and my final thoughts on my wonderful vacation!

New Adventures in 2014

Yes it true I’ve been terrible at keeping up with my blog this year. It’s not because I was being lazy, rather I’ve trying my hardest to “balance” work life and my personal life. Whether you’re single, in a relationship, married, have children, are a single parent, etc., creating this balance is not always easy. It’s definitely important though to create that balance so that you are happy. If you aren’t happy, then those directly around you won’t be happy either…domino effect.

The first half of the year required me to travel at least once a month for work, sometimes twice. During the times that I was home there was always something happening – birthday’s anniversary’s, gatherings, moving, etc. On top of all the traveling I was still a one woman marketing show until April – I was doing logistics for x show, developing marketing materials, working on social media, putting together in-store demos, etc. Most days I couldn’t remember what I had done, worn or eaten. I really wanted an assistant, and still do.

I definitely won’t complain about any of it (traveling or all the work). One of the things I love most about my job is traveling all over the U.S. and connecting with people who are looking for tasty and delicious gluten-free options for their stores or restaurant or people who have Celiac disease, gluten sensitivity or multiple food allergies and can’t stand anything they’ve tried. It’s been quite the year! I’m loving the month of July because it’s been relatively quiet (and even relaxing thanks to a trip). Things will start to pick up in August so I’m enjoy this while I can.

So where have I been? San Francisco, CA; Phoenix, AZ; Anaheim, CA; Las Vegas, NV; Chicago, IL; San Diego, CA; Chicago, IL (yes twice); Pittsburgh, PA; Houston, TX; and most recently Playa del Carmen, Mex (more to come). Crazy! I’ve already looked ahead to August and I have another 8 trips coming up…WHAT?!?! I don’t remember any time in my life when I traveled this much. It’s crazy to think too because I have friends who traveling every week for week, some to multiple cities in one week. It’s exhausting even if it is fun. The hardest part other than people away from home (and your own bed) and the food. I’m always glad to come home and get back on my normal routine of clean eating and workouts. My newest craze – spin!

But I’ll leave that for another day. I said I would do my best to keep it brief, but still fill you in on my first half of 2014. Here’s to more new adventures!


Coming back!

Happy Tuesday y’all! It’s been SEVERAL months since I posted last, and a lot has happened. I took a break from blogging to focus on things that were happening in my life (both personal and professional). Over the last couple of weeks I have gotten some very sweet comments from people who have found my blog. It really got me thinking about how I could incorporate writing this blog back into my life.

The blog started out as a way for me to share with my family and friends what was happening in my life when I moved to Austin. It ended up becoming much more! I found myself sharing things about what I was eating, what workouts I was doing and tips on creating a healthy lifestyle. Living a healthy lifestyle is important to me. It’s something I work at every day, and trust me I have my moments of weakness, and by no means am I perfect. As I’m sure I’ve said in many blogs, everything in moderation.

So, what does this post all mean? I’m coming back! I can’t promise that I will post something every day, but I can promise that I will be better at posting more. I want to use this blog as a platform to connect with others who are looking to live a healthy life, looking for tips and tricks, and sharing adventures along the way. Stay tuned this week for a brief (I’ll do my best) recap of what’s happens since I last blogged.


Focus T25 – Day 21

Week 5 of Focus T25. I can’t believe I’ve started the last week of phase 1! It’s amazing how time flies when you’re having fun. 🙂 No really, I love this program. I know I have 25 minutes to make it count. Even first thing in the morning, the energy Shaun T exudes gets me excited and motivated to push harder in my workout. It’s ONLY 25 minutes and we all have 25 minutes to give to OURSELVES and our HEALTH!

Yesterday’s workout was Total Body Circuit. Quite the way to start a Monday. it got me motivated and ready for the work week. Seriously, I was so productive all day long.

T25 Day 21_1 T25 Day 21_2 T25 Day 21_3

I felt really strong during the workout, and pushed myself twice as hard during the burnout. Look at my face, I was ready to either pass out or throw up. Good news I didn’t do either.

Yesterday I stuck to the “meatless Monday” fade. I enjoyed Shakeology for breakfast, veggies with hummus and quinoa & black eye pea “salad” for lunch, Shakeology for afternoon snack, and roasted veggies, baked sweet potato and spaghetti squash with pesto for dinner.

Clean eating lunchClean eating dinner

All-in-all it was a good day of clean eating. I did enjoy a few gluten-free ginger snap cookies that I made over the weekend. Don’t worry, they’re almost gone. Promise!

After dinner the boy and I went to “Trail of Lights” in Zilker Park. It was really great! So many lights. I wanted to see Santa, but someone didn’t want to wait in line. LAME! Haha, I know I’m Jewish, but I still love Santa 😉

Trail of Lights 1 Trail of Lights 2 Trail of Lights 3

I love where I live; I love this city!!! It’s been an incredible year. If 2013 could be this awesome, I CANNOT wait to see what 2014 brings.

Question: What’s your favorite thing about the holidays?

Focus T-25 – Day 3

Even though I went to bed early on Tuesday night, and got a good 8 hours of sleep, Wednesday was maybe the hardest day for me to get out of bed. Good news though, I GOT UP! I got my workout clothes on, which I laid out the night before, and pressed play. I was happy I did. ONLY 25 MINUTES!

Focus T25 Day 3

As you can tell I had quite the workout – Total Body Circuit – that it was my friends, that it was. There are areas where I have always been pretty strong, push ups are one of them. I’ve also been pretty good at holding a plank. However, when you start alternating arms and moving from left to right, it add a whole new element.

I am feeling stronger every day, and mentally finding zen. Little things that would have bothered me a couple of months ago, now don’t. With a clearer head I stop, think about what happened and if I can make light of a situation or laugh at it, I do. Re-learning to only take life seriously when necessary. 🙂

Yesterday was a good clean eating day until the grilled cheese sandwich I devoured last night. Breakfast – Bowl of fruit with homemade gluten-free bread & peanut butter. Snack – Greenberry Shakeology with cranberries and peaches. Lunch – Quinoa patties on top of spinach. PM Snack (which I didn’t have until 5 p.m.) – Veggie and hummus. Late dinner – Grilled cheese sandwich.

Clean eating post reset day 3

Because yesterday was so busy I wasn’t really thinking about when I needed to eat, so by the time I was hungry again in the afternoon it was almost time for dinner. The veggies would have held me over for the night, but I gave into my desire for the grilled cheese sandwich later on in the evening. It’s all good. Another day to eat better.

A fun new adventure I took part in last night was a glass blowing class. My friend Jamie found a Gropoun for it, and we decided to check it out. It was SO much fun!!! We each made a little something – Jamie made an ornament and I made a little vase. The class is a little on the pricy side, but it makes sense why. They have these huge machines that must use a lot of energy. Plus, the cost of materials might be a little expensive too. Either way, it was 100% worth it, and I’d do it again not at the discounted price.

Glass blowing class

Picking up my piece tomorrow, so I’ll share a picture with you when I have it.

Question: What’s something new you’ve tried recently?

Book of Mormons

Sunday after I got off the plane and into the car I was told that plans had changed for the evening. We were going to go to a lottery drawing for tickets to see the Book of Mormons.


I was excited. I had heard so many wonderful things about the show, but didn’t know they were in town until a friend had posted something a few days before. I have to say, it didn’t disappoint. I laughed the entire time, and the seats rocked (front row). Definitely a must see.

I love musicals. I’m going to need to explore other shows that are in Austin. I saw Memphis and Wicked were coming next year. Going to have to check them out!