Viva Mexico! (Part 1)

It has been 12 years since I went on vacation. 12. Years. I’ve taken a lot of trips over those 12 years to visit my family or a quick weekend to see girlfriends who live in RI or for work. It has been 12 years since I went on my last, until now. The Sunday after 4th of July I boarded a plane and headed to Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Well technically Playa del Carmen via Cancun, but that’s not the point. πŸ™‚ I got on a plane and went on VACATION and was disconnected from the world for 8 whole days! IT WAS WONDERFUL!

I’m lucky to have gone to college with a guy whose mom is a travel agent. I haven’t spoken to him in years, nor had a spoken to his mom. I know how wonderful she is, and know she could definitely plan a trip, so I know she was the person to go to when the final conversation came up with my boyfriend about going on vacation. As expected Leslie was more than happy to help us out. She gets deals everyday for fantastic trips around the world, and our trip was no exception!

I was over the moon about going on vacation. I was ready to step away from my life and doing something for me. I think my boyfriend was excited about the trip too, and even if he wasn’t I was excited enough for the both of us!

We boarded the plane at 7:30 a.m., the plane took off at 8 a.m. and we landed in Mexico at 10 a.m.

Happy to be heading to Mexico with this guy!

Happy to be heading to Mexico with this guy!

We had a 45 minute drive from the airport to our resort. We stayed at the Occidental Grand Xcaret. It was a beautiful resort, with a view minor issues that were easy to overlook because WE WERE ON VACATION! When we arrived at the hotel we grabbed a bite to eat while we waited for our room to be ready, but boy was I ready to change into my bathing suit, have a cocktail in hand, and sit by the pool.

I took this picture from the entrance into the main lobby. What you can’t really see is the ocean in the circle in the middle of the photo. I didn’t really notice it until the third day we were there, but once I did realize it, I knew what a special picture this is.

A view to the ocean/paradise.

A view to the ocean/paradise.

Day 1 in Mexico included: lunch at the buffet restaurant, cocktails by the pool, and dinner at the Steakhouse restaurant. Picture’s a little dark, but here we are after dinner.

First night dinner

Day 2 in Mexico included: breakfast at the buffet restaurant, going into Playa del Carmen and walking around 5th street, having lunch on the beach, time by the pool and dinner at the Mediterranean restaurant.

Not only can I spot a Starbucks from miles away, which I found two while on vacation, but I can also spot froyo. Originally I only saw gelato places, and then we passed this place



I didn’t indulge in any froyo because I was so full from lunch, but I saw it. πŸ˜‰ Later that night I went on a nice date with this guy

So handsome!

So handsome!

As you may know I am gluten intolerant. I was a little worried about going on vacation and having to play the game, is it definitely gluten-free? Most days it was easy to determine if food was safe, but occasionally I had to ask. Sometimes the staff understood, sometimes they didn’t. To my surprise when we went to the Mediterranean restaurant they had a gluten-free pasta (I was pretty shocked). It was a brand I had recognized, but never had. It was really good!

Gluten free pasta

G-free pasta in Mexico!

For dinner I enjoyed a nice shrimp dish

My gluten free dinner

The boy enjoyed a piece of fish with steak on top (at least I think that’s what he had). He enjoyed it and thought it was amazing!

Zack's dinner

This guy enjoyed a nice chocolate cake and a double-espresso

Pinky's up!

Pinky’s up!

I somehow lucked out and had dark chocolate covered strawberries…WHAT? So amazing!

Mmm dark chocolate covered strawberries

Mmm dark chocolate covered strawberries

I think I’ll stop here with this post and continue with more of the trip tomorrow. I have to say overall, just two days into the trip it was amazing! Just what I needed!

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