New Year, New Starts

Happy New Year! I know I’m late to the party (a week exactly), and I promise no excuses this year. Life is always going to be crazy and busy, and I just need to learn to make time to check in with all you during the week.

How is your new year going so far? Did you make your new year’s resolution or set goals for yourself? I have decided not set a resolution or goals because the last few years they have been the same; this year would have been no exception. Instead, I’m approaching each day as the new day that it is and setting goals for myself to complete that day. I have however, set some professional goals for myself, as I think this is extremely important to help me grow.

This week marks week 8 of Focus T25. I’m absolutely loving this program. Twenty-five minutes four days a week, and one 50-minute workout 1 day a week (two 25 minute workouts). That’s it! You really can’t go wrong.I’m feeling stronger and getting faster each day. I’ve even been successful with getting up in the morning and doing my workout first thing. Such a wonderful day to start the day. Here are some pictures from Days 22-24, Days 34-36:

Day 22 T25_1 Day 22 T25_2 Day 23 T25_1 Day 23 T25_2 Day 24 T25_1 Day 24 T25_2 Day 34 T25_1 Day 34 T25_2 Day 35 T25_1 Day 35 T25_2 Day 36 T25_1 Day 36 T25_2 Day 36 T25_3

Two and a half weeks and I’m done with Focus T25. I can’t believe it! I’ve already started planning ahead for what’s next. On January 27, I’m starting P90X3. It’s another 30 minute program, which is perfect for anyone’s schedule, and will be great while I’m on the road for work. Curious about T25 and P90X3? Send me a message! Currently, these programs Challenge Packs are on sale with over $90’s in savings. Check them out here: and click “Shop”.

This week my focus has been on my eating. Yesterday started out promising with a good morning workout, a productive day at work, and a good plan of clean, healthy meals. The Central Market version of Pirates Booty and dinner were my downfalls. I finished the last third of the bag of “Pirates Booty” at lunch, and then for dinner I ate left over polenta (which had all kinds of cream and cheese in it), a piece of blue cheese, and some of the filling I made for the stuff acorn squash I had planned on eating for dinner. For dessert I had three caramel squares. Ugh, I felt so sick!

Today is a new day! Putting yesterday behind me and refusing to let it bring me down. This morning I did T25 Beta Upper Focus, which went really fast today. Breakfast consisted of 2 eggs, 2 egg whites, and broccoli scramble with 3 pieces of turkey bacon. Morning snack was Chocolate Shakeology with peaches. Lunch was stuffed acorn squash (black beans, quinoa, sweet potatoes, onions, and roasted tomatoes). Afternoon snack is going to be Chocolate Shakeology with cranberries and peaches.

Speaking of Shakeology, Beachbody is releasing a new Shakeology flavor – Strawberry! They currently have Tropical Strawberry, which is vegan. The new strawberry is regular like the Chocolate and Vanilla. I cannot wait to try it!

Cheers to the new year! 2014 will be a great year!


Focus T25 – Day 4

My abs got a serious workout yesterday, and I’m feeling it today. I can’t say enough about how much I love this program. Everyone has 25 minutes of their day that they can give to getting off the couch and getting up on their feet. I know that there are some days were you don’t actually sit at all,  but I also know people who say they don’t have time end up on the couch at night for 2-3 hours watching t.v. EVERYONE HAS 25 MINUTES IN THEIR DAY TO MOVE!

Yesterday’s workout like I said was ab intervals. The primary focus was abs, with a little mix of cardio to keep you going. The moves weren’t sitting on the floor doing crunches, which have been proven to not have any great impact on actually sculpting your abs. Instead you were rotating your body, moving your legs and arms, and tightening your abs during ever move. The focus part of T25 for me is to make sure I’m doing the move right, and squeezing or tightening the appropriate part of the body  (legs, butt, abs).

Focus T25 Day 4

I was determined and focused during this workout and the soreness I’m feeling today proves it.

Yesterday I ate clean. While I did enjoy Indian food for dinner (so there isn’t a photo), I managed to control myself throughout the day and even at dinner. Breakfast – Bowl of fruit and homemade gluten-free bread with peanut butter. Really digging the bread I made. Way better than anything currently one the market. AM Snack – Greenberry Shakeology with cranberries and peaches (so yummy). Lunch – Veggie stir fry with brown rice. PM Snack – Veggies with homemade hummus. Dinner – Chicken Tikka Masala from this great Indian restaurant here in Austin called G’Raj Mahal Cafe. It’s not a food truck, but all the seating is outside under tents and the food is made in a trailer/truck. We were told they are building an actual restaurant that will be opening in January. Can’t wait to check it out!

Post reset clean eating day 4

Lots to get done this weekend and not a lot of time to do it in. Can you believe next Thursday is Thanksgiving?!?! Where has the time gone?


Fitting In A Workout

Who else feels that life is crazy and you constantly have a million things on your to-do list? Ever feel like you need more hours in the day, more hands to help, or a minute just to breathe? Life is crazy! As a society we try to cram in as much as we can into a 24 hour day, and sleep, workouts, and taking care of ourselves are not always on the top of our lists.

24: season seven logo.

I’m right there with all of you! Since moving to Austin I feel like I cram more into a day and a week than I ever have in my life. While the weekends are supposed to be a time to unwind from the week, I end up running around and needing another day to decompress from the weekend. So, how do I personally manage it all? It’s simple I make a plan and lists and I treat each day as a new day (not always easy, but I’m working on it).

make a list 2

Last year when I started my journey I made the commitment to myself that I was going to follow the P90X program for 90 days and I was going to clean up my eating. This was my first step to learning how to fit it all in. The first month I was on top of my workouts and strict with my eating (measuring and weighing my food), but I wasn’t sure that I would be able to keep it up because it was taking time and cutting into my day. I knew however, I made the commitment and I had to stick with it.

As time went on I came up with short cuts for cooking – cleaning and cutting all fruits and veggies when I got home from the store; planning my meals for the week; cooking what I could ahead of time so that I could just grab and go during the week; trying new recipes & experimenting in the kitchen with new ingredients. I made it fun and enjoyable. Cooking for me is relaxing. It allows me to be creative and unwind from the day.

My workouts were a different story. I loved that I was getting back into shape, and I liked how working out allowed me to release my stress and worries from the day. Finding the time to workout always seemed like a chore (it even stressed me out). I sat down one day and thought to myself, “Why am I doing this? Why am I taking this time out of my day when I could be doing so many other things to workout? Why is getting a workout in every day (or close to it) so important to me.”

Answering these questions changed my whole perspective on finding/making the time to workout. I was working out to better myself physically and mentally; it was more time in my day where I was doing something for me; it was helping me focus at work and in school; it helped me build a better relationship with myself and with my family and friends. I needed and wanted these workouts in my day. So, how was I going to find the time? I planned my workouts. I went to bed 30 minutes earlier so that I could get up 30 minutes earlier to workout. (Side note: I love working out in the morning; it sets the tone for the whole day.) I would make a to-do list and only put things on there that HAD to get done that day (otherwise there would be consequences).

I made myself, my health, and my well-being come first. This was hard for me to grasp at first because my family and friends mean the world to me. However, I feel that in order to be a great daughter, sister, friend, co-worker, etc. I have to make myself a priority so that I could be there for those that need me. Working out is now a part of my day; I really look forward to it and feel off when I don’t get it in (like when you’re told you can’t until you fix a herniated disc).

Yesterday, was crazy! It was one of those days where I felt like I wasn’t going to get everything done.

pulling hair

After work I had to go to the grocery store to pick up food to take to Blue on the Green that night. I was positive I wasn’t going to be able to do that and get in a workout, but I was going to make it work. After getting home from the grocery store I got the food together for the picnic and then got ready to workout. At this point I only had 30 minutes. It was just enough time to pop in ChaLEAN Extreme Burn Circuit 3 and do 7 of the 9 moves. While I wish I could have had just 7 more minutes, I was equally as happy that I got in the workout that I did. I got it all in and even enjoyed a nice picnic at Blues on the Green (last one of the summer).

photo 4

Side note: I had a really great day of clean eating: breakfast-Shakeology morning snack-apple and Greek yogurt lunch-salad with lots of veggies & sundried tomato and garlic dressing afternoon snack(not pictured)-hummus and veggies

photo 1photo 2

I’ve talked to several people over the last year and a half about working out and finding the time to do it. I get it, we’re all busy; we all have priorities. You have to make the decision in your life, what’s important to you? Why do you workout? How do you make it fit into your schedule?

Question: I want to know the answer to the questions above. Why do YOU workout? How do/can you make time in your day to workout?

Working Out

I miss my workouts. Plain and simple. I haven’t worked out in three weeks. Okay, that’s not entirely true. I have walked a few times, used the recumbent bike, and did upper body light weights. However, it’s just not the same as my regular workouts. Tomorrow I go to the doctor about my back and I hope she has some good news.

i love to workout

What do my workouts mean to me? EVERYTHING! They mean

  • a healthy lifestyle;
  • a clear mind;
  • a good night sleep;
  • a perfect start to my day;
  • a boost in energy;
  • a good avenue to release stress and negativity;
  • an opportunity for “me time”;
  • an excuse to do something good for myself;
  • an increase of self-confidence;
  • a positive sense of self and self-worth;
  • a chance to treat my body the way it was meant to be treated;
  • an ability to live a meaningful life;
  • a platform to encourage others to do the same for themselves;

I know I’ve said it before, but I grew up playing sports. I always liked a good workout, but last year I FELL IN LOVE with working out. There are so many benefits to working out; the main one being a healthier YOU. We deserve to do right by our bodies – eat whole, clean foods and increase our heart rate from working out. I challenge each one of you to find a workout routine, program, or class that YOU love. For me it is Beachbody programs, running, barre classes, antigravity yoga, and of course lifting weights.

Question: What do you like to do to workout? How many days a week do you workout?

Great Weekend

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I had an AWESOME weekend!


Went to an event at Frank where I met April Peveteaux, author of “Gluten is my Bitch.” It was really cool meeting April and talking to her a little about discovering she was Celiac. Not only should you check out her book, but check out her blog:

After the event I went across the street and met up with some people for a Meet Up event. I expected a bigger turnout, but the good news is the crowd ended up being pretty good. I met these two lovely ladies that night. Christine on the left is from Canada; she was here on business for the weekend and went out with a co-worker and wound up hanging out with us. Priscilla in the middle was hysterical. She loves to have a good time. Needles to say it was a good night!


Dr. Stern’s orders were to relax this weekend…so I did 🙂 After sleeping in a little, I caught up on my DVR player and then went and sat by the pool. When I got back from the pool I did a little laundry. As I threw my clothes into the dryer I got a text from my co-worker asking if I wanted to go see Mumford and Sons; they had an extra ticket. Yes! Yes I do want to go. Much more fun than sitting at home. I had a blast! First concert in Austin!





I enjoyed a nice brunch with a good friend that I met my first week in Austin. We went to Kerbey Lane Cafe (the original location). It’s a 24 hour place, but much healthier than a typical 24 hour diner. Not to mention they use fresh ingredients and have gluten free and vegan options (I’m not vegan, but nice for someone who is). After brunch I went to the grocery store and then sat by the pool and read a book. After pool sitting I made dinner and prepped food for the week. How yummy do these peppers look?


I made egg muffins for breakfast, cut veggies for salad, and measured out my shakes. I’m only in town for three days.

EggMuffins FoodPrep ShakePrep

I haven’t worked out in 9 days and I’m itching to do something. Last month I worked out EVERY SINGLE DAY!


I was told I could do upper body workouts now, but to make sure I’m not working my lower back. I’m going to have serious definition in my arms by the time I’m done 🙂

You asking why I’m only in town for three days this week, because I’m heading HOME to Pittsburgh. I CANNOT WAIT!!!!! Got this little email and got super exited!

Question: What are you most looking forward to this week?