Tacos & Margaritas

I’m a BIG, HUGE, GIGANTIC fan of tacos and margaritas. Austin is obviously an ideal location to fill this “obsession”. There are tacos everywhere, which of course means margaritas are offered as well; they go hand-in-hand My girlfriend’s and I in Maryland frequented Uncle Julio’s. They have amazing margaritas (love the skinny guava rita) and food (they’re really great about my gluten free needs). They just opened up a location in Austin and I am SO looking forward to frequenting.

Sometimes though it is just as nice to be in the comfort of my own home making tacos and margaritas. When I went gluten free two and a half years ago I discovered that the taco seasoning I grew up on had the potential to not be gluten free. I was bummed because I knew tacos at home would never taste the same. For a while I would just throw a bunch of seasonings and hope for the best. The tacos always came out differently, and I was never fully satisfied.

About a year ago, my good friend Kelly share a simple taco seasoning recipe that she uses. It’s so good, simple to put together, and great to keep in a jar to always have it on hand. Check it out:

Taco Seasoning Recipe

I love tacos (corn tortillas of course), taco salads, enchiladas, fajitas…all of it! Usually when I’m at home, I’ll be honest, I don’t typically have a margarita. On the rare occasion that I have had a margarita it’s because my friend Maggie was making them for us. I’ll have to get her recipe and share it with everyone; they’re delicious!

Being it’s Tuesday, I’m making tacos tonight for dinner! Debating between fish, chicken and beef. We’ll see what I end up walking out of the store with. 🙂

Question: What are you favorite toppings to put on tacos?

Taco Tuesday!

I walked into the office this morning and they were making these (Smart Flour Foods Gluten Free Chocolate Ganache Brownies):


I’m not a huge chocolate fan, but these gluten free brownies are AMAZING. I love them warmed up and with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce on top. SO GOOD!

Monday was good – busy day at the office and time with the boy after (dinner and a movie). It rained most of the day, which made me sleepy, but the temperature was awesome:


I don’t remember the last time it was below 95 at 5:30 p.m.! I’ll take it.

I’ve gotten a little off track lately with my meal planning, but have every intention of getting back to it next week. It truly makes figuring out what to eat for the week 100 times easier. I also want to get back to meatless Monday (I ate chicken yesterday :-)). I saw these quick fish tacos and they look yummy and a must have for Taco Tuesday (recipe courtesy of http://www.livebetteramerica.com). Best thing is these are gluten free!

Quick Fish TacosQuick Fish Tacos Recipe

Question: What are your favorite kind of tacos?

My New Couch

Tuesday was so crazy that time flew by. I didn’t realize I had missed lunch time until my stomach start making noises around 1:30 p.m., which also happened to be the same time the delivery people arrived at my apartment. They were supposed to call before they were coming, but instead they called when they got to my apartment. Good thing I live close to work. I was so excited, I couldn’t get home fast enough. LOOK!

My new couch

Because I was so caught off guard I didn’t end up sitting on my couch until after I got home from work. Don’t worry, it’s awesome! YAY! Now I just need a chair, a coffee table, and a t.v. stand.

I think all my energy from the day came from my workout. I’m officially 21 days into Insanity Asylum 1 (75% complete) and I feel amazing. Tuesday’s workout was “back to core”. Something I have learned over the last several months is to engage your core. I know it sounds simple, but when you really try to do it, it’s not the same. Try it!

Workout 1 Workout 2 Workout 3

No matter how may times I do the last move in the last photo above, I still start shaking around the minute and thirty second mark (you go for a total of three minutes). It’s a good shake and I know I’m getting stronger and stronger.

Another highlight of the day was my yummy meals. I had Shakeology for breakfast, Greek yogurt with blueberries for a snack, a nice salad for lunch, Rice cakes with peanut butter and banana, and yummy shrimp tacos for dinner (these were amazing!).

What I ate Tuesday

Make these yummy gluten free tacos tonight:

¼ cup squash
¼ cup zucchini
¼ cup sweet potato
¼ cup black beans
3 oz. shrimp (about 8)
¼ cup lite coconut milk
2 gluten free corn tortillas


Cut yellow squash, zucchini and sweet potatoes into cubes. Put them into a small pan on medium heat. Let them cook for about 5 minutes. Add shrimp and cook for about 2 minutes. Then, add coconut milk and let simmer for about 5 minutes on low-medium heat. Add black beans and let cook for 2 minutes.

Take tortillas, wrap a damp paper towel around them and heat for about 20 seconds. Remove tortillas and added ingredients from pan. Serve and enjoy!

Hope y’all had a wonderful Tuesday!

Question: Did you make tacos for taco Tuesday?