Memorial Day Weekend

Hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend! I’m grateful to those who have served, are serving and will serve. I’m also grateful to the families who also make sacrifices every day so their loved ones can protect our freedoms. Special shout out to a friend who is currently deployed! Hoping for your safe return Robert!

Memorial Day

I had such a good weekend with new friends and new adventures in Austin. Friday night I went to Top Golf, which just opened a couple weeks ago. This place is SO cool! I’ve only golfed once in my life, and have never been to a driving range. A few of us decided to try golfing. Each ball has a chip in it and when you hit one of the targets you get points designated to that slot. I didn’t do well, but I didn’t do terrible either. Definitely a place I’d go to again!

Top Golf

After Top Golf, I went out to a couple bars downtown. My favorite bar of the night was the one that had skeeball. My friend and I played well over 10 games and I won every single time. 🙂 (Side note: I also played skeeball on Sunday and did NOT do as well. Haha)

Skee ball

Saturday brought more rain, which Austin is in a drought so we need the rain. However, I was hoping for some sunshine so I could sit by the pool. Since it was raining my friend and I decided to go to the Capitol instead of a hike. It’s a pretty cool place, and would make for some great pictures. I took this one of the dome that is 280+ feet from the floor; the star measures 8 feet from point to point. How crazy is that?!


Sunday since the sun decided to come out I went for a hike with another friend, and then went out to a few bars with a different friend. It had been a long day since I randomly woke up at 6:15 a.m. No reason either! Who does that when they can sleep in? Haha.

Monday brought some spring cleaning, organizing (although my closet could use some love), and an afternoon by the pool. All-in-all I would said I had a solid 3-day weekend. I even got some great workouts in:

Monday workout Workout 1 Workout 2

Tomorrow is my last day of Insanity Asylum 1. Looking forward to taking the fit test on Thursday to see how much I’ve improved (here’s hoping my back cooperates!).

Question: How was your memorial day weekend?