Makes me wanna jump, jump

Yesterday was one of those days where I needed an extra day to rest. My plan to relax all weekend didn’t exactly happen. However, it was a good weekend so I can’t really complain.

As tired as I was, I got up and worked out (Insanity Asylum 1 – Plyo). I definitely don’t regret it because it made my day that much better. However, I couldn’t move for the rest of the day (and I don’t mean in a good workout kind of way).

I’ve been having back problems since the end of February. I took two weeks off at one point to try and recover, and eased back into my workouts. Unfortunately, it didn’t help. Last Friday I gave in and went and saw a doctor. She gave me something to take for 6-days, and told me if that doesn’t help I need to get an MRI. UGH! I’m not a go to the doctor, take medicine kind of person unless I REALLY have to. Well, I guess I’m at my breaking point because I can’t not workout so I need to figure out this whole back thing.

My day just doesn’t feel right if I don’t get some type of workout in; even if that workout is stretching. So, over the last couple months I have been modifying certain moves (squats, twists, etc.) and being extra careful. My back feels good 90-95% of my workout, which is great. The times I feel the most pain is when I go to stand up after sitting, getting up in the morning (I literally rolled out of bed today), and when I sit. If this was just a pulled muscle wouldn’t it be better by now? I want it to only be a pulled muscle and for it to go away; it’s cramping my style 🙂

Anyways, yesterday’s workout was great. I wore my sparkle to help me get through my workout.

Workout Done

Plyometrics is jump training, whether it straight up in the air or you’re going side to side. It’s not an easy workout, but it’s not a bad workout either. I was super excited when I saw this shot yesterday; look how high I jumped!

Makes you wanna jump jump

Nothing like challenging yourself at 5 a.m. to jump over a 4-5 ft. ladder…

Workout 1

This purple band is NOT friendly, but it’s great for the legs. 🙂

Workout 2

I like to call these star jumps. They’re kind of fun.

Workout 3

The only picture I took yesterday of what I ate was breakfast – blueberry protein pancakes! Good post workout meal.

Blueberry pancakes

I also enjoyed Shakeology for a morning snack, a salad for lunch, veggies with hummus for an afternoon snack and Verts (a local Austin-based chain) veggies bowl for dinner. All in all it was a great Monday! I’m ready for the rest of the week!

Question: How was your Monday?

Sunday Night Special

Friday was SO crazy, that I forgot to post my blog! I decided to post tonight as a little extra surprise.

Thursday was a challenging day at the office. There is a lot going on, and I’m learning every day how to juggle and manage it. It’s not easy, and there is a lot of pressure to get things done, but I know I can do it. I know that I have the skills to get the job done well. I know that in due time everything will come together nicely, and things won’t be so crazy.

Thankfully, I was able to take my mind off my day, by enjoying an evening with friends. Something wonderful about being able to sit down and relax and talk about anything but work. I am so grateful to have made these connections in Austin and to be developing these relationships. I’m so happy.

Thursday for breakfast I made protein pancake. I was so hungry that I was eating as I was making them


Lunch was a salad with chicken and creamy garlic dressing. This has been my go to lunch these days. It is super easy to make and nice because you can add any protein you want. The dressing is from the Ultimate Reset, and it takes minutes to make. It’s nice to make a patch at the beginning of the week and use it throughout the week. Love a great salad!

Salad with Chicken for lunch

I had a fabulous plyo workout on Thursday. This is a very difficult workout, but when I get through it I feel amazing. I push myself to be better, do better, and jump better every time I do this workout. I love seeing my progress – being able to get through the whole workout without stopping or jumping higher. IT’S AWESOME!

photo 4

That purple band is not my friend, and I love it! If you haven’t tried Insanity Asylum 1, I HIGHLY recommend it.

I was very much looking forward to a full and relaxing weekend. Stay tuned tomorrow for details!

Question: How do you manage challenges at work?