New Year, New Starts

Happy New Year! I know I’m late to the party (a week exactly), and I promise no excuses this year. Life is always going to be crazy and busy, and I just need to learn to make time to check in with all you during the week.

How is your new year going so far? Did you make your new year’s resolution or set goals for yourself? I have decided not set a resolution or goals because the last few years they have been the same; this year would have been no exception. Instead, I’m approaching each day as the new day that it is and setting goals for myself to complete that day. I have however, set some professional goals for myself, as I think this is extremely important to help me grow.

This week marks week 8 of Focus T25. I’m absolutely loving this program. Twenty-five minutes four days a week, and one 50-minute workout 1 day a week (two 25 minute workouts). That’s it! You really can’t go wrong.I’m feeling stronger and getting faster each day. I’ve even been successful with getting up in the morning and doing my workout first thing. Such a wonderful day to start the day. Here are some pictures from Days 22-24, Days 34-36:

Day 22 T25_1 Day 22 T25_2 Day 23 T25_1 Day 23 T25_2 Day 24 T25_1 Day 24 T25_2 Day 34 T25_1 Day 34 T25_2 Day 35 T25_1 Day 35 T25_2 Day 36 T25_1 Day 36 T25_2 Day 36 T25_3

Two and a half weeks and I’m done with Focus T25. I can’t believe it! I’ve already started planning ahead for what’s next. On January 27, I’m starting P90X3. It’s another 30 minute program, which is perfect for anyone’s schedule, and will be great while I’m on the road for work. Curious about T25 and P90X3? Send me a message! Currently, these programs Challenge Packs are on sale with over $90’s in savings. Check them out here: and click “Shop”.

This week my focus has been on my eating. Yesterday started out promising with a good morning workout, a productive day at work, and a good plan of clean, healthy meals. The Central Market version of Pirates Booty and dinner were my downfalls. I finished the last third of the bag of “Pirates Booty” at lunch, and then for dinner I ate left over polenta (which had all kinds of cream and cheese in it), a piece of blue cheese, and some of the filling I made for the stuff acorn squash I had planned on eating for dinner. For dessert I had three caramel squares. Ugh, I felt so sick!

Today is a new day! Putting yesterday behind me and refusing to let it bring me down. This morning I did T25 Beta Upper Focus, which went really fast today. Breakfast consisted of 2 eggs, 2 egg whites, and broccoli scramble with 3 pieces of turkey bacon. Morning snack was Chocolate Shakeology with peaches. Lunch was stuffed acorn squash (black beans, quinoa, sweet potatoes, onions, and roasted tomatoes). Afternoon snack is going to be Chocolate Shakeology with cranberries and peaches.

Speaking of Shakeology, Beachbody is releasing a new Shakeology flavor – Strawberry! They currently have Tropical Strawberry, which is vegan. The new strawberry is regular like the Chocolate and Vanilla. I cannot wait to try it!

Cheers to the new year! 2014 will be a great year!


All you need is… a little fro-yo

After a 12 hour work day it was a toss-up between wanting fro-yo and going home and going to bed.

Salbjorg Rita Jonsdottir, Dalla, 2007

Instead I went home and made myself a delicious meal – sirloin over a bed of summer squash and a balsamic glaze with a side of spaghetti squash. It was very tasty! Pat on the back for the chef. 🙂 For breakfast I had a veggie frittata with veggies, turkey bacon and gluten free toast. Lunch was a salad with shrimp and creamy garlic dressing.

What I Ate Wednesday

I had forgotten all about fro-yo until I heard someone say something about ice cream. That was it; it was now back in my head and it wasn’t going to go away until I got some fro-yo. I went and it hit the spot. I really did get less of everything, but I did treat myself with the toppings. It made me happy. Everything in moderation.


Let’s not forget about my fabulous workout in the morning. Insanity Asylum 1 is really great program; I’m liking it a whole lot. I am able to push myself just enough to get through the workout with a good sweat, but not too much that I need to take a break every 20 seconds. I’ve found a great balance. Here are some shots from my workout and challenge (v-sit and wall sit every day; started off with 10 seconds, add 10 seconds each day until you hit 5 minutes).

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Question: What workout are you doing? Is it a program, classes at the gym, running outside?