New Year, New Starts

Happy New Year! I know I’m late to the party (a week exactly), and I promise no excuses this year. Life is always going to be crazy and busy, and I just need to learn to make time to check in with all you during the week.

How is your new year going so far? Did you make your new year’s resolution or set goals for yourself? I have decided not set a resolution or goals because the last few years they have been the same; this year would have been no exception. Instead, I’m approaching each day as the new day that it is and setting goals for myself to complete that day. I have however, set some professional goals for myself, as I think this is extremely important to help me grow.

This week marks week 8 of Focus T25. I’m absolutely loving this program. Twenty-five minutes four days a week, and one 50-minute workout 1 day a week (two 25 minute workouts). That’s it! You really can’t go wrong.I’m feeling stronger and getting faster each day. I’ve even been successful with getting up in the morning and doing my workout first thing. Such a wonderful day to start the day. Here are some pictures from Days 22-24, Days 34-36:

Day 22 T25_1 Day 22 T25_2 Day 23 T25_1 Day 23 T25_2 Day 24 T25_1 Day 24 T25_2 Day 34 T25_1 Day 34 T25_2 Day 35 T25_1 Day 35 T25_2 Day 36 T25_1 Day 36 T25_2 Day 36 T25_3

Two and a half weeks and I’m done with Focus T25. I can’t believe it! I’ve already started planning ahead for what’s next. On January 27, I’m starting P90X3. It’s another 30 minute program, which is perfect for anyone’s schedule, and will be great while I’m on the road for work. Curious about T25 and P90X3? Send me a message! Currently, these programs Challenge Packs are on sale with over $90’s in savings. Check them out here: and click “Shop”.

This week my focus has been on my eating. Yesterday started out promising with a good morning workout, a productive day at work, and a good plan of clean, healthy meals. The Central Market version of Pirates Booty and dinner were my downfalls. I finished the last third of the bag of “Pirates Booty” at lunch, and then for dinner I ate left over polenta (which had all kinds of cream and cheese in it), a piece of blue cheese, and some of the filling I made for the stuff acorn squash I had planned on eating for dinner. For dessert I had three caramel squares. Ugh, I felt so sick!

Today is a new day! Putting yesterday behind me and refusing to let it bring me down. This morning I did T25 Beta Upper Focus, which went really fast today. Breakfast consisted of 2 eggs, 2 egg whites, and broccoli scramble with 3 pieces of turkey bacon. Morning snack was Chocolate Shakeology with peaches. Lunch was stuffed acorn squash (black beans, quinoa, sweet potatoes, onions, and roasted tomatoes). Afternoon snack is going to be Chocolate Shakeology with cranberries and peaches.

Speaking of Shakeology, Beachbody is releasing a new Shakeology flavor – Strawberry! They currently have Tropical Strawberry, which is vegan. The new strawberry is regular like the Chocolate and Vanilla. I cannot wait to try it!

Cheers to the new year! 2014 will be a great year!


Focus T25 – Days 18-20

Happy Friday the 13th!!!

Friday the 13th

I now realize why the day felt sooo off. Haha! Sort of.

After sleeping through my alarm this morning, I got in a great workout. Today was Speed 1.0 and Ab Intervals. The good news is the workouts are only 25 minutes. The bad news, I only had 40 minutes to get in my workout, so I did what I go. I did all of Speed 1.0 and part of Ab Intervals. Don’t worry, I plan on doing the full thing either later today or first thing tomorrow.

T25 Day 20_3 T25 Day 20_2 T25 Day 20_1 T25 Day 20_4

I feel stronger and faster than I did four weeks ago. I feel lighter on my feet, and my vertical jumps are better than ever! I can’t believe that I have one more week of Alpha phase. Eek 🙂 So excited!

Wednesday workout was Lower Focus – lots of squats and lunges. Here’s to toners thighs!

T25 Day 18_2 T25 Day 18_1T25 Day 18_3

It was a great workout. I woke up really focused and was determined to get push harder throughout the entire workout.

My day was made when I came home to these beautiful flowers from two dear friends

Flowers from the girls

The card is an inside joke, but make the flowers that more special. I’m a lucky girl!

Thursday – one day closer to the weekend. I couldn’t wait for the day to be over so that it would be Friday and I could enjoy the weekend. Yesterday’s workout was Total Body Circuit. I was out of breath, sweating, and feeling awesome after the workout.

T25 Day 19_1 T25 Day 19_2

There are so many push-ups in this workout. I’m happy to report that I’m definitely getting stronger. I was able to do 90% regular push-ups versus the modified push-ups. Every day is a new day to get it right; push a little harder; get a little stronger. I may not be perfect throughout the entire workout, but I give it my all, focus for 25 minutes and then I’m done.

This weekend is full of errands, chores and prepping for the holidays. Who else isn’t 100% ready for the holidays? I’m so excited for them, and can’t wait for them to get here, and after this weekend I’ll be ready. 🙂




Focus T25 – Day 17

Yesterday when I woke up I still wasn’t feeling well. I decided not to workout until later that evening or push my workouts one day. I know the importance of feeling 100% to get the most out of my workouts. I didn’t want to kind of workout; I want to give it my all if I was going to workout and I knew in that moment I couldn’t give it my best.

Thankfully, I was feeling better throughout the day, and even later that night. When I got home I immediately put on my workout clothes and got to the workout. It still wasn’t my best effort, but it was a lot better than it would have been had I tried to workout that morning.

T25 Day 17_1 T25 Day 17_2 T25 Day 17_3

Total Body Circuit reminds me so much of an Insanity workout. I was EXHAUSTED after the 25 minutes and ready for bed. I slept like a rock, which was even better!

Yesterday I tried to be really good with what I was eating as to not mess up my stomach any further. For breakfast I had an on the go bar, Shakeology for my morning and afternoon snack, gluten-free chicken noodle soup for lunch and Chilean Sea Bass with roasted carrots, beets and sweet potatoes, and green beans for dinner (this was AMAZING!) I’m only sorry I didn’t get a picture of dinner. I’ll have to share with everyone the recipe. It’s super easy.

Hope everyone is have a good week! Happy Hump Daaaaaaaay!

Focus T25 – Days 15 & 16

I don’t want to get too far behind on my week, so I’m doing a double edition Tuesday!

Let me start off by saying I had THE MOST incredible birthday weekend and birthday on Sunday. I was surrounded by three of my favorite things – friends, football and food; sorry I was so busy cooking I didn’t take any pictures. Sorry!

Friday I got my workout in first thing

Focus T25 Day 15_1 Focus T25 Day 15_2

The hours at the office on Friday seemed to tick slower than normal. I was so excited about dinner that I couldn’t sit still.

Speaking of, I was a lucky girl who got to celebrate my birthday Friday night at one of my favorite restaurants, Uncle Julio’s. I was surrounded by amazing people and had a lot of laughs. One of my closest friends came into town from Houston with his wife. We never took a picture, but I’ll always remember that they were there. Thanks to the boy for the gluten-free carrot cake!

Birthday Celebration Friday Night

Saturday I enjoyed brunch with friends, went to the grocery store, took a little nap because I wasn’t feeling well, and then spent hours cooking. Saturday night I went to a holiday party. It was so much fun! Lots of laughs, great food, and fun games.

Holiday Party

Sunday was my birthday! I woke up to breakfast in bed from the boy. I told him it was the only thing I wanted for my birthday. He said he made my breakfast into a smiley face “because [I] make [him] smile every day.” Super sweet!

Sunday Funday Birthday

The picture of me with “The Dirty 30”  sunglasses is from Friday night. Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures on Sunday, but it’s because I was cooking, watching football and enjoying my friends who came to hang. It was a great day! Here’s to a great year and some of the best years of my life ahead! Happy birthday to me!

Yesterday morning I was NOT in the mood to get up and workout, BUT I did it anyway! I actually had a great workout and was so glad I got up.

Focus T25 Day 16_1Focus T25 Day 16_2 Focus T25 Day 16_3

I was ready for what I thought would be a good day. Unfortunately, something at lunch I ate (I’m pretty sure it was the soup) did NOT sit well. I was down for the count the rest of the day, next to no appetite, so I forced myself to eat chicken noodle soup that I made.

Monday Lunch and Dinner

Here’s to a better Tuesday!

Focus T25 – Days 12-14

I could have sworn I posted this last week, but to my surprise this morning I did not! Last week was another crazy week at work and outside of work. I had a busy weekend a head of me between birthday celebrations, holiday parties and football/birthday celebrations. So, here’s a quick recap:

Tuesday I was in recovery mode from traveling on Monday and Thanksgiving week and wedding weekend. I was bound and determined though to get up and workout on Tuesday morning, and I did! I love T25 because I know I’m getting a great workout in; it only takes me 25 minutes to workout; and I can workout in the comfort of my own home. It’s a win. win. win.

Day 12 completed! I’m not seeing any physical changes, I blame that on my eating, but I am getting faster during several of the moves.

T25 Day 12 T25 Day 12_2

Wednesday morning – up an at ’em! Got my workout done first thing in the morning, which definitely set my mood for the day. I was stressing out because I hadn’t gone to the grocery store and my to-do list at work keeps growing!

T25 Day 13

Pushing harder and focusing more during the workouts. I know that it will make me stronger, but if I want to see results it starts in the kitchen with what I’m eating. I NEED/WANT to make this a priority. I’ve got to make better choices.

My friend gave our accountability group an extra challenge for the day – for every text you received you had to do 15 jumping jacks. I had to do 22 sets. After I got into bed I got an additional 10 texts. I didn’t get out of bed, but am thinking that to make up for not doing those that I would do another challenge this week.

Wednesday Challenge_Jumping Jacks

Wednesday night marked the last night of Hanukkah. How pretty is the menorah?

Last night of Hanukkah

As a present to myself I bought 2 tubs of E&E, 90-day supply, when they were on sale. I can’t wait to dig into this and push through my workouts.


Thursday – SO close to the weekend I can smell it. I decided to do my double workout today because I wanted to sleep in on Friday (which didn’t happen). I was moving, grooving and sweating.

T25 Day 14_1

T25 Day 14_2

T25 Day 14_3

T25 Day 14_4

I felt amazing after these workouts. Fifty minutes and I was done. Double workout for the week, complete. I was ready for the craziness of the day to begin.

My co-worker brought in the dessert dirt in honor of my dirty 30 on Sunday.


Anyone else remember this dessert from when they were growing up? Like myself, she is gluten-free so she bought gluten-free “oreos”. It was yummy! I didn’t eat the whole thing, but I did indulge a little.

Thursday night I was pumped for The Sound of Music Live! I love this movie, as it reminds me of my grandpa George, and I love Carrie Underwood.

Sound of Music

I didn’t love the live version, but I wasn’t made either. I understand what they were trying to do. Unfortunately though, it just didn’t work. Anyone else watch it?

I did semi clean eat this week, but it could have definitely been better. Breakfast was primarily steel oats with 2 eggs and homemade pesto. I had Shakeology for a snack, and lettuce wrap sandwiches (one with meat, one veggie) for lunch on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Semi clean eating

Thursday I couldn’t decide which soup I wanted, cauliflower or roasted tomato bisque so I got both 🙂

Thursday Lunch

All-in-all it was a good week. My eating could DEFINITELY use some improvement. I need to get back to planning out my meals and sticking with it. It makes the world of difference.

Can’t wait to fill you in on my weekend!

Focus T25 – Day 4

My abs got a serious workout yesterday, and I’m feeling it today. I can’t say enough about how much I love this program. Everyone has 25 minutes of their day that they can give to getting off the couch and getting up on their feet. I know that there are some days were you don’t actually sit at all,  but I also know people who say they don’t have time end up on the couch at night for 2-3 hours watching t.v. EVERYONE HAS 25 MINUTES IN THEIR DAY TO MOVE!

Yesterday’s workout like I said was ab intervals. The primary focus was abs, with a little mix of cardio to keep you going. The moves weren’t sitting on the floor doing crunches, which have been proven to not have any great impact on actually sculpting your abs. Instead you were rotating your body, moving your legs and arms, and tightening your abs during ever move. The focus part of T25 for me is to make sure I’m doing the move right, and squeezing or tightening the appropriate part of the body  (legs, butt, abs).

Focus T25 Day 4

I was determined and focused during this workout and the soreness I’m feeling today proves it.

Yesterday I ate clean. While I did enjoy Indian food for dinner (so there isn’t a photo), I managed to control myself throughout the day and even at dinner. Breakfast – Bowl of fruit and homemade gluten-free bread with peanut butter. Really digging the bread I made. Way better than anything currently one the market. AM Snack – Greenberry Shakeology with cranberries and peaches (so yummy). Lunch – Veggie stir fry with brown rice. PM Snack – Veggies with homemade hummus. Dinner – Chicken Tikka Masala from this great Indian restaurant here in Austin called G’Raj Mahal Cafe. It’s not a food truck, but all the seating is outside under tents and the food is made in a trailer/truck. We were told they are building an actual restaurant that will be opening in January. Can’t wait to check it out!

Post reset clean eating day 4

Lots to get done this weekend and not a lot of time to do it in. Can you believe next Thursday is Thanksgiving?!?! Where has the time gone?


Focus T-25 – Day 3

Even though I went to bed early on Tuesday night, and got a good 8 hours of sleep, Wednesday was maybe the hardest day for me to get out of bed. Good news though, I GOT UP! I got my workout clothes on, which I laid out the night before, and pressed play. I was happy I did. ONLY 25 MINUTES!

Focus T25 Day 3

As you can tell I had quite the workout – Total Body Circuit – that it was my friends, that it was. There are areas where I have always been pretty strong, push ups are one of them. I’ve also been pretty good at holding a plank. However, when you start alternating arms and moving from left to right, it add a whole new element.

I am feeling stronger every day, and mentally finding zen. Little things that would have bothered me a couple of months ago, now don’t. With a clearer head I stop, think about what happened and if I can make light of a situation or laugh at it, I do. Re-learning to only take life seriously when necessary. 🙂

Yesterday was a good clean eating day until the grilled cheese sandwich I devoured last night. Breakfast – Bowl of fruit with homemade gluten-free bread & peanut butter. Snack – Greenberry Shakeology with cranberries and peaches. Lunch – Quinoa patties on top of spinach. PM Snack (which I didn’t have until 5 p.m.) – Veggie and hummus. Late dinner – Grilled cheese sandwich.

Clean eating post reset day 3

Because yesterday was so busy I wasn’t really thinking about when I needed to eat, so by the time I was hungry again in the afternoon it was almost time for dinner. The veggies would have held me over for the night, but I gave into my desire for the grilled cheese sandwich later on in the evening. It’s all good. Another day to eat better.

A fun new adventure I took part in last night was a glass blowing class. My friend Jamie found a Gropoun for it, and we decided to check it out. It was SO much fun!!! We each made a little something – Jamie made an ornament and I made a little vase. The class is a little on the pricy side, but it makes sense why. They have these huge machines that must use a lot of energy. Plus, the cost of materials might be a little expensive too. Either way, it was 100% worth it, and I’d do it again not at the discounted price.

Glass blowing class

Picking up my piece tomorrow, so I’ll share a picture with you when I have it.

Question: What’s something new you’ve tried recently?

Focus T25 – Day 2

A very special Happy birthday to my beautiful sister!!! It’s clear that there was a lot of love between the two of us even from a young age. Cheers to a great day, and an even better year ahead!!! Love you!

Erin and Me_86

I’m going to make this brief, as I have a lot of work to do. Yesterday was day two of Focus T25 – Speed 1.0. It was great! I felt great, moved 100% of the time, and didn’t have to modify as much.

Focus T25_Day 2_Part 1 Focus T25_Day 2_Part 2

I had some trouble getting out of bed because I went to bed late the night before, but I got up! At some point I will go to bed earlier so it isn’t as hard to wake up. Good news, I still managed to get out of bed, got my workout done, made breakfast, got ready for work and was still the first one to the office. Thank you Shaun T for your 25 minute workouts!

How did I do with my eating yesterday? Better than Monday, but still not great. Breakfast – Gluten free bagel (made with Smart Flour Foods all-purpose flour; AMAZING) with hummus and 2 scrambled eggs with spinach. Morning Snack – Greenberry Shakeology with cranberries and peaches. Lunch – Salad with cucumbers and tomatoes, and lentil-lime salad (Ultimate Reset favorite recipe). Afternoon snack – blueberries and an apple. Dinner – Grilled cheese on homemade gluten-free bread (which I made this weekend with Smart Flour Foods all-purpose flour), and tomato soup.

Food Post Reset Day 2

I had a little bit of a stomach ache last night, but nothing too bad. Trying to be better about adding certain foods into my routine again – eggs, bread, cheese.

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have some more time to share with you more about Focus T25 and other Beachbody programs. They’re fantastic!

Question: What workouts are you doing?

A New Workout Program

Ever need a push to keep you going in your workouts? Ever get tired with the same old workout? I know that after a while I need something new and different. I AM NOT A GYM GIRL! The time it takes me to get to the gym I could be doing something else. In January 2012, when I started my journey to get healthy, I did P90X for 90-days. I fell in love with working out again. Not only did I feel better, but I appreciated the convenience of working out from home. I could either roll out of bed and workout first thing in the morning, or have my workout waiting for me when I got home. (The bonus with this was I could immediately shower and make dinner when I was done; again not something that you can do when you workout at the gym.) After P90X I did Insanity, did a month of a hybrid of the two programs, and then finished the year with ChaLEAN Extreme. I started this year with the Ultimate Reset, then Insanity followed by Insanity Asylum. I promise I’ll break these programs down in another post.

I believe I have mentioned it before, but I haven’t worked out since May because I herniated a disc. I actually was working out from February (when I did it, I think snowboarding), until May when the doctor said STOP. I was finally cleared to workout again in August, but I couldn’t get myself back into a workout routine. A few friends in an accountability group I am a part of, started talking about doing the Ultimate Reset. I had purchased it earlier in the year when they had a sale, so I thought “Why not!?”.

A light bulb went off: THIS was my opportunity (and push I needed) to end this year on a high note and get back on track! I was going to do the Ultimate Reset at the end of October/beginning of November to get my eating back on track. After the reset I was going to start Focus T25 to get my workouts back on track. Well, I’m happy to report, I started Focus T25 yesterday! I woke up early and got it done before my work day. It was the perfect way to start my day, and week.

First day wasn’t too shabby. I modified several of the moves because I haven’t worked out in six months, and to hurt my back. I don’t want get start and then have to stop again. I don’t mind modify to get myself going. I’ll be stronger for it later down the road.

Focus T25 Day 1

I had a great workout! I’M BACKKKKKKKKK!

Yesterday was day 1 post reset. I was good almost all day until a little snack I had in the afternoon. This past weekend I made gluten-free bread, coffee cake and funfetti mini cakes. The bread and coffee cake turned out AMAZING! The funfetti tasted great, but I bought the wrong sprinkles so the colors bled into the cake batters. Oops! 🙂

So, what did I eat yesterday? Breakfast – Bowl of fruit and a piece of my gluten free bread with 1 Tbsp of peanut butter. AM Snack – Greenberry Shakeology with peaches and cranberries. Lunch – Spaghetti squash with homemade pesto and Sweet potato and red pepper soup. PM Snack – Funfetti cake and homemade hummus with veggies. Dinner – Lobster tail, asparagus and scalloped potatoes. (Yesterday the boy and I celebrated his birthday together. I made him something nice because it was his birthday. He also enjoyed a piece of steak.) Dessert – 1/4 of a small reese’s peanut butter cup blizzard. (I joking said last week that all I wanted was a blizzard. When the boy showed up to my place he had bought us each a blizzard. Aww!)

Clean Eating

All in all it was a great day! I feel better because of the clean eating, and I’m hoping I will feel that much better because of my clean eating AND workouts!

Question: Where do you prefer to workout (i.e. gym, at-home, studio, etc.)