Thankful Thursday

I go to sit down at my desk to write this post and I keep getting pulled away. Today’s post is short and sweet: I am extremely thankful for my family and friends. I feel very fortunate every day that I have the kind of love and support I do from these important people in my life. I know it might sound silly, but I know not everyone is so fortunate.

When I decided to pick up my life and move to Austin, not one person said don’t do it. Okay maybe my one friend, who shall remain nameless, but she was totally kidding. 🙂 We all have good days and bad days, happy things happen to us and sad/difficult things happen to us. It is what we decide to do in those moments when times are time that shape us to who we are and help build our character.

Last year when I began my healthy lifestyle journey I join a challenge group to keep me accountable for my workouts and healthy eating. Since then it has turned into SO much more than that; these women in this group have become dear friends. We support each other in our workouts and eating, but it has become so much more. We talk about things that are happening in our lives; even the hard stuff. We talk about goals we want to reach that may seem impossible. We give each other advice and support, even when someone doesn’t ask for it. Today my coach and friend wrote this post:

“So what’s something you’ve been wanting to do but have been afraid of? What’s a goal you have but have been scared to put it out there? Maybe something physical, financial, personal? Is there something you’re dreaming of, but something just seems to be holding you back??”

all these things

Some of the ladies started responding and I was just overwhelmed with happiness and gratitude. I shared my goals and then came back and wrote this:

“I love our little group! Seriously, it puts a huge smile on my face. We’re all amazing individuals, and we’ve come together because we have a common goal & desire to live healthier lives. It’s been an honor getting to know and continuing to get to know you ladies. I’m truly amazed by each and every one of you. We all have our strengths, weaknesses, rough days, great days and are ALWAYS there to lift each other up and motivate each other to keep going and follow our dreams.
Chalene always says, “Don’t say something and put it out there if you don’t want it to happen.” For years (6ish) I’ve been saying I wanted to move to Austin. When the opportunity came up I was excited and scared. When I accepted the job I had a moment where I thought, “What did I just do. This CANNOT be good.” I look back to where I was in February when I accepted the job, April when I officially moved to Austin, and today where I can 100% without a doubt say this was THE BEST decision I could have made.
Ladies, DO NOT give up on your dreams. Put them out there; write them down; share them with family and friends. They will happen if you just believe. Have an amazingly awesome day.”

I mean who want to be apart of something so fantastic? If you are thinking about working out but can’t find the motivation, join a challenge group. I have a couple going right now and it is a beautiful thing to see people’s progress, and to connect with them on a much deeper level than what workout did you do today and what did you eat.

I’m starting a challenge group July 15 for those who are serious about getting healthy. Let me know if you’re interested. I would love for you to join and see you accomplish your goals.

Question: Are you in?

My stuff has arrived!

My thoughts and prayers go out to those in West, Texas. Very sad to hear about the explosion at the plant. May all those who were effected find peace. May the town stand united and come back stronger than before.

praying for west

I couldn’t contain my excitement on Tuesday when my stuff finally arrived. I was so very happy my whole attitude changed. No really! A huge weight lifted off my shoulders and I felt a sense of calm after the movers left.

Living in an empty apartment for a week and a half isn’t fun; the site of the boxes made me smile. When reality sank in…all of these needed to be unpacked…my mind started racing about how quickly I could get it all done.

This is what my apartment looked like when the movers were done taking everything off of the truck.

My stuff arrives part 2 My stuff arrives part 3

As I was signing paperwork, I jokingly said to the movers, “so, who’s going to unpack all of this?” Haha. They laughed, but also offered to help. Seriously, while I had issues with the office of the moving company, the driver was super nice and very efficient. After the movers left I headed to work for another productive day.

Tuesday night I grabbed a bite to eat with my friend Mimi and her sister, Stefanija. We had SO much fun! These two women are so sweet, and are really making me feel welcomed in my new city.

This is Mimi and me at dinner. We met through a Beachbody challenge group (thanks Kelly!). Mimi and I both agreed that we felt like we have known each other forever. Always a good feeling when making new friends.

Mimi and Me

We went to Banger’s Sausage House & Beer Garden (check ’em out). Look at their wall of 100 beers. A beer lovers dream!

100 beers on the wall

The weather was so beautiful that we decided to sit outside. Even though you have to wait to be seated they have large community tables. You don’t even realize that you are sitting at a table with a bunch of other people. It’s really cool; several places that I have been to in Austin have been like this. I like it!

For dinner I enjoyed an omission beer (gluten free),

Omission Beer

chicken and spinach sausage (no bun because they didn’t have one that was gluten free),

Chicken and spinach sausage

and some yummy fries.

A side of fries

Y’all this was a side of fries! I shared with the ladies because even though I could have eaten all of them myself, I knew I didn’t need to eat all of them.

Tuesday night at Banger’s includes live music. Ahhh, welcome to Austin! 🙂

Outdoors at dinner

After dinner I went home to unpack a few boxes, but a few turned into several. This was the first thing I unpacked – my Vitamix blender!

THE Blender

Very necessary in a household where one drinks Shakeology every day. I could have gone to bed after unpacking this, because it was the second most anticipated item I was waiting for, but I kept going…

Night one of unpacking complete 3

The kitchen is completely unpacked. I can’t wait to cook in it this weekend. Here is what the apartment looked like later the night, errr the next morning.

Night one of unpacking complete 2

Night one of unpacking complete

Not too shabby for one night. When I was packing I labeled each box based on which room it belongs in (color coded of course), numbered it, and listed the general items that were in each box on a piece of paper. It really has made things 110% easier to unpack. I’ll share a picture of my list tomorrow.

The difficult task that I find with unpacking is where to put things that make sense. Being in a new place you have to learn the flow of the space. I made a list of things that I needed to get for the kitchen that will help make things easier during my time in the apartment.For now though it is ready to be cooked in!

Night one of unpacking was a success. Not only did I get the kitchen organized, but I put away my clothes in the dresser. My closet was a different story; I left this for day two of unpacking!

Question: I know moving is difficult, but if you had to choice which you liked better packing or unpacking which would you pick?