Testing 1, 2, 3

Is this thing on?

Hey there! Remember me? Miss me? Work has been ruling my life these last five days so unfortunately I wasn’t able to share with everyone what’s been happening. Let’s just right in….


Went to an Awesome Austin Happy Hour with some old friends and met some new friends. After happy hour I met some friends for a night cap (I had water since I was driving :-)).


Up and at ’em early! Started my day with Chocolate shakeology and a nice bowl of berries.

Saturday Breakfast

After breakfast I loaded up the car. Road trip to Dallas with my co-worker for Southwest Foodservice Expo.

Road trip

ROAD TRIP! Nothing beats great company and great conversation on a road trip. Serious bonding time!

After setting up the booth my co-worker and I headed to CVS to pick up some supplies. To my EXCITEMENT, DELIGHT, SURPRISE, JOY, ETC. I discovered Uncle Julio’s across the street. I thought it was a Maryland/Virgina restaurant. WRONG. Saying I was excited is 110% an understatement.

Uncle Julios

Uncle Julio’s


The decor


Skinny Guava Rita. Hits the spot EVERY time!


Fish tacos on corn tortillas for dinner. SO good.

We were highly entered sitting at the bar. Had a few good conversation with some people, and encountered one or two not so cool people. One guy actually tried to convince me that Dallas and Houston were nicer than Austin. OY!!! P.S. Uncle Julio’s is opening in Austin on July 15…I’ll be there for drinks so have a skinny guava rita ready for me Uncle Julio!


Got up first thing in the morning and headed to the hotel gym. Ran into some old friends.

LiftingHello old friends!

Had a great strength training session before heading to the expo for the day. During the show we sampled pizzas, brownies and blondies, and talked to people about Smart Flour Foods and our products. It was a good, busy day.

photoThis was the set up for our booth. So colorful, right?

After a long day at the show we grabbed a bite and drinks.


Got up and worked out before heading to the expo.

BikingRecumbent bike

This is a good mode of cardio right now since I’m still waiting for the green light to get back to my regular routine. It was good to put some miles in on the bike.

After my workout it was back to the convention center for another day of sampling and chatting with people who came by the booth. All-in-all it was a great show. When it was over we broke down the booth and loaded up the cars. 3 hours back to Austin. I was on a mission to get back to see some of the hockey game. My friend who moved to Austin from Chicago is a Hawks fan. I promised her that I would watch the Stanley Cup games with her, but I keep going out of town. When I got back into town I sent her a message saying I was heading to The Tavern; she followed up with this:

Convo with MaryYep, that’s a great friend!

Congrats to her Blackhawks on winning the Stanley Cup. It was hilarious being in the bar surrounded by dozens of Hawks fans and watching them watch their team win.


All about catching up and moving things along. It was a good day. Really excited about the next projects I’m working on, and a little quiet time to work on those things that I had to set aside. Here’s to another amazing week in Austin and an amazing week ahead!

Question: Which city do you think is cooler: Austin, Houston or Dallas?

Memorial Day Weekend

Hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend! I’m grateful to those who have served, are serving and will serve. I’m also grateful to the families who also make sacrifices every day so their loved ones can protect our freedoms. Special shout out to a friend who is currently deployed! Hoping for your safe return Robert!

Memorial Day

I had such a good weekend with new friends and new adventures in Austin. Friday night I went to Top Golf, which just opened a couple weeks ago. This place is SO cool! I’ve only golfed once in my life, and have never been to a driving range. A few of us decided to try golfing. Each ball has a chip in it and when you hit one of the targets you get points designated to that slot. I didn’t do well, but I didn’t do terrible either. Definitely a place I’d go to again!

Top Golf

After Top Golf, I went out to a couple bars downtown. My favorite bar of the night was the one that had skeeball. My friend and I played well over 10 games and I won every single time. 🙂 (Side note: I also played skeeball on Sunday and did NOT do as well. Haha)

Skee ball

Saturday brought more rain, which Austin is in a drought so we need the rain. However, I was hoping for some sunshine so I could sit by the pool. Since it was raining my friend and I decided to go to the Capitol instead of a hike. It’s a pretty cool place, and would make for some great pictures. I took this one of the dome that is 280+ feet from the floor; the star measures 8 feet from point to point. How crazy is that?!


Sunday since the sun decided to come out I went for a hike with another friend, and then went out to a few bars with a different friend. It had been a long day since I randomly woke up at 6:15 a.m. No reason either! Who does that when they can sleep in? Haha.

Monday brought some spring cleaning, organizing (although my closet could use some love), and an afternoon by the pool. All-in-all I would said I had a solid 3-day weekend. I even got some great workouts in:

Monday workout Workout 1 Workout 2

Tomorrow is my last day of Insanity Asylum 1. Looking forward to taking the fit test on Thursday to see how much I’ve improved (here’s hoping my back cooperates!).

Question: How was your memorial day weekend?

Lady Bird Lake

Monday was all about getting back on track. Now that my apartment is together and my back was feeling better it was time to utilize my kitchen and explore Lake Bird Lake. Really, I know people don’t like Monday’s but mine was pretty great.

Meatless Monday’s are back!

Breakfast: Chocolate Shakeology with BP2

Morning snack: Honey crisp apple with 100 calorie almond snack pack

Lunch: A salad with snow pea sprouts, avocado, red & green bell peppers, baby cucumbers, carrots and grape tomatoes with a vinaigrette.

Afternoon snack: Kind bar – dark chocolate, nuts, and sea salt

Dinner: Roasted brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes and black beans.

Healthy lunch

Healthy dinner

Yummy, right?

I decided that for my workout I would enjoy a run around Lake Bird Lake. I have friends who keep raving about it, so I figured there was no time like the present to check it out. Plus, the weather was so great yesterday that I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. I rushed home to change and was detoured by a few packages.

A few packages

Haha, oops! After dragging the packages inside. I got changed and headed to the trails. I had the best time. It was absolutely an amazingly beautiful day! There were so many people on the trail and on the water.

LBL 2 LBL 3   LBL 6 LBL 7

I saw this along my run: “We run in support of Boston”


Finished the run with this view. LOVE!


I can’t wait to go for another run on the trail. There are so many different options for where to run, how many miles you want to run, and things to see on your run.

Getting back on track is super important to me. I spent last year and first month of this year getting myself back into shape. I grew up playing sports and had always been in good shape. However, like most people, I lost track of that healthy lifestyle and gained a “little” weight over the last 10 years. Through workouts and clean eating I got myself back on track, and I’m not about to reverse all the hard work I have done. I feel too good to go back to where I was over a year ago. I’ll share my story in another post.

Question: What do you think about the carpet?

photo 3

Beautiful Monday night in Austin

While Monday was crazy and somber, I did manage to have a reasonable evening. I came home to a note from my friend. It immediately made me smile. I have amazing people in my life and am grateful for them each and every day.

Note from Kelly

For dinner I didn’t go far from home. I walked downstairs and outside and enjoyed a veggie bowl from Verts. I’ve been trying a new thing in the new year, meatless Monday. Even without being able to cook, I have been able to stick with this new routine. This bowl was filled with veggie goodness and is gluten free! The real flavor though is in the sauce. The Vinaigrette dressing is delicious and highly recommended.

Dinner Monday Night

I enjoyed my dinner outside and soaked in the nice weather. I like the lights. I see them at so many places around town. Love!

Enjoying the weather

VERTS is an Austin based company started by two UT students. “VERTS is a fast casual dining concept built around Döner Kebap, Germany’s favorite street food. VERTS is one of the first to bring authentic Döner Kebap to the United States.” Learn more here: http://www.vertskebap.com/about-menutitle


I ended my Monday night with a sweet treat. My co-worker/high school classmate told me about this local place called Lick Ice Creams. Their ice creams are homemade from local ingredients, and their flavors are unique combinations that just work. I was NOT disappointed in my selection. I had a scoop of caramel salt lick and a scoop of dark chocolate with olive oil & sea salt. Oh my yumminess!!!!! If you’re in the area definitely check them out: http://ilikelick.com/

Lick Ice Creams

I woke up on Tuesday ready to tackle the day. The day immediately started off on the right foot because my stuff finally showed up. I’ll tell you more about that tomorrow 😉 Here is a little teaser on what my apartment looked like after the movers came…

My stuff arrives part 3

Question: What’s the most interesting flavor of ice cream you’ve eaten?