Fantastic Friday!!!

I could barely peel myself out of bed this morning, and it took everything in me to make it through my workout. It’s been a very long week and I’m exhausted. However, In the last 2 hours I have received VERY exciting news from a friend and good things are happening at work, so I’m WIRED (maybe the Starbucks guy gave me regular espresso instead of decaf). It’s a GREAT day!!!

Thursday was a good day. Had a great workout, yummy eats, and a nice evening of meeting other Texas Young Professionals (TYP). This was my second event with TYP and I find it really interesting. Some people go around socializing and networking, while others stick together in their little group and look at you funny when you approach. In these situations I feel super uncomfortable. My feeling is if you are there you should be open to talking to people. If you don’t want to new people then please go somewhere else. Just my two cents.

Speed & Agility got the best of me yesterday. It’s a tough workout, and even harder when you’re slightly limited for some of the moves. By the end of the workout I wasn’t able to jump because of the pain going down my leg. I pushed as much as I could within my limits. I’m not trying to cause more damage.

Speed and agility workout

Lately my favorite workout shirts are those that I get from 46NYC. They are a for-profit company that raises awareness about different issues, and when you buy a t-shirt part of the money goes to a specific cause. This year they are doing a new t-shirt a month. Last month was Autism, this month is Help-Portrait. Definitely check them out and check out this months organizing

46NYC Shirts

I’ll be honest, this week I was going to start a new meal schedule and things got so crazy that I have been winging it all week. Yesterday I enjoyed egg whites with spinach, turkey bacon and gluten free toast for breakfast; shakeology for a morning snack; a salad with a gluten free southwest veggie burger for lunch; a larabar (key lime pie = AMAZINGGGGG) and a skinny latte for an afternoon snack; and dinner was greek yogurt with peaches, almonds and maple syrup. Next week I’ll be starting a new routine with more protein in hopes of getting toned and showing more definition. I’ll keep you posting on how it goes.


What I ate Thursday

Finally, I hope y’all are having a fabulous Friday! It’s a three day weekend and I hope you soak every minute of it up.

Question: What are your plans for this three day weekend?