Danced My Face Off

Happy Monday! After a long weekend of celebrating the marriage of a great friend, I am on the couch recovering from a very painful epidural (steroid) shot today. I told my mom if that’s how badly the epidural hurts during labor I am adopting. I pray that I don’t ever have to get one of those shots again for my back; kids will be a discussion later. 🙂

I LOVE wedding. I’ve been in many and have gone to several. There is something beautiful about friends declaring their love for one another for family and friends to witness. I got choked up as I watched one of my closet friends of 12 years marry his best friend. The bride looked absolutely beautiful walking down the isle.

After the ceremony we headed to the reception. We enjoyed a little cocktail hour before the bride and groom arrived and then a lovely dinner. What I was most excited about was dancing. They had a band, which I love. Seriously there is something about live music that just gets me going. Having said that, a great dj who knows what to play can keep me entertained until the very end.

I was well aware that my back wasn’t in the best condition to dance, but I figured I couldn’t do any more damage. So, within reason I was on the dance floor all night long. I had SO much fun. I caught up with the grooms college buddies, met their girlfriends and wives, hung out with my college roommate and best friend (the grooms sister), and enjoyed some of my favorite people from NJ. It really was a spectacular evening. I did pay for it the next morning, but in my mind it was totally worth it.

Here are some pictures from the wedding –

Bride and groom_officially married

Bride and groom heading to the reception (photo courtesy of Maid of Honor).

Goodies from the wedding

Goodies from the wedding. 🙂

Playing the drums and singing on the mic

Groom on the drums, bride on the mic (photo courtesy of the Maid of Honor).

Photobooth fun 1 Photobooth fun 2

Photo booth fun. Hehe love this!

Collage of wedding pics

Top left: College roommate, groom, me, and bride getting ready for the “after party.”

Top right: Groom, me and the bride; say cheese y’all!

Bottom left: Me and my bff.

Bottom center: Me, my college roommate and bff. Love these girls; they were dancing machines.

Bottom right: The groom and his college friends singing.

After a wonderful wedding weekend I came back to Austin and celebrate my friend Mimi’s birthday. This is her getting ready to blow out her candles with her boys!

Mimi and her boys

Happy dirty 30 Mimi!

Amazing weekend, recovering today from all the celebrating. Looking forward to the next week coming up this fall. Hope y’all had a wonderful weekend. Congratulations again to the new Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Jayne.

Question: Do you like weddings, and what is your favorite part?