Coming back!

Happy Tuesday y’all! It’s been SEVERAL months since I posted last, and a lot has happened. I took a break from blogging to focus on things that were happening in my life (both personal and professional). Over the last couple of weeks I have gotten some very sweet comments from people who have found my blog. It really got me thinking about how I could incorporate writing this blog back into my life.

The blog started out as a way for me to share with my family and friends what was happening in my life when I moved to Austin. It ended up becoming much more! I found myself sharing things about what I was eating, what workouts I was doing and tips on creating a healthy lifestyle. Living a healthy lifestyle is important to me. It’s something I work at every day, and trust me I have my moments of weakness, and by no means am I perfect. As I’m sure I’ve said in many blogs, everything in moderation.

So, what does this post all mean? I’m coming back! I can’t promise that I will post something every day, but I can promise that I will be better at posting more. I want to use this blog as a platform to connect with others who are looking to live a healthy life, looking for tips and tricks, and sharing adventures along the way. Stay tuned this week for a brief (I’ll do my best) recap of what’s happens since I last blogged.


2 thoughts on “Coming back!

  1. doug says:

    yay! love to hear from ya, lindsay. great also to see photos of you. i thought i was missing your blog posts somehow. i’m glad to know now that i’m not going (very) senile (yet).

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