A Special Message to my Dad

I was fortunate enough this year to spend Father’s Day with my dad. I haven’t been home in almost 4 months, so I was grateful to be able to get in some quality family time. As I said for Mother’s Day, I truly believe every day we should honor our father’s or loved ones who took care of us. I don’t think we should set one day aside. They don’t just set one day aside to take care of us, so we shouldn’t just set aside one day. Every day we should be thankful for those things that they do for us and have given us.

I’m not sure I could ever put into words just how much my dad means to me. He has given me so much in my life, and continues to, but more importantly he has given so much to others. He is truly an inspiration and one of the wisest men I have ever met (not something I would admit to his face because I would never her the end of it). 🙂 My future husband has A LOT to live up to.

I continue learn about life and business from my dad. The knowledge is greater than anything I could ever read in a book or find on the internet. I feel so lucky to be in such a position. Thank you dad for instilling in me what it means to be a hard worker and to follow through on a promise. Thank you for all the lessons about finance and advice on how to handle life’s challenges. Thank you for supporting and encouraging me to follow my dreams. Even when things seemed impossible, but I was determine I could make it happen, you and mom always stood by myself. Thank you for all the life lessons and knowledge. I am where I am today because of your love and support.


My dad, me and my grandpa (his dad).


My dad, sister and me.


My dad and me.


Question: How did you spend Father’s Day?

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