What is put a wing on it for the win?

Okay, okay. Maybe we didn’t win trivia last night, but we had an awesome time! The trivia questions were more up our ally. Granted we still didn’t know all of them, but they were more along the lines of what we were thinking the first trivia night was going to be like a few weeks ago. (Side note: “Put A Wing On It” was our team name)

I even indulged in some wings. They were good, not the best, and they ended up upsetting my stomach. I don’t think it was the actual wings themselves, or potential gluten contamination, I think my body isn’t used to this kind of food. I haven’t deprived myself from eating things like wings, it’s just been so long that my body wasn’t sure how to handle it. Would I eat them again, sure! Everything in moderation.


Here’s what I ate yesterday:

Yummy eats

  • Breakfast: gluten free toast, turkey bacon, 1 egg and 1 egg white.
  • Morning snack: Shakeology
  • Lunch: Spring rolls with shrimp, spaghetti squash, cucumber, carrots, peppers and edamame
  • Afternoon snack: celery with almond butter and raisins
  • Dinner: Wings

I managed to stay within my calories for the day, and am only sorry about the wings because it hurt my stomach. Otherwise, I’d eat them again!

It’s been so great meeting new people and developing relationships. I like that I have regular plans it makes me feel like I’m settling in, and that’s a really great feeling. Last night I learned from one of the girls that there are Moonlight Towers in Austin. Apparently, several decades ago these were brought to Austin to help illuminate the streets. Austin is the only city that still has these towers. Maybe one day I’ll go around Austin looking for them.

moon tower

Another reason why I didn’t feel too bad for indulging in the wings was because yesterdays workout was Speed and Agility. I’m really getting the workout. I’m starting to get my groove with the different footwork. I can also feel myself getting faster. I’m able to get through the different segments without having to stop… best feeling! Consistency is key. Being consistent with the workout, consistent with fueling my body, consistent with taking care of my body all make it possible to get stronger, faster and better. I’m so happy with my current progress and I’m only half way through the program. I can only imagine where I’ll be in two weeks.


I laughed when I walked into the gym yesterday because I saw the Derm infomercial. As I was changing the channel I then came across the Hip Hop Abs infomercial.


Y’all Beachbody wants to tend the trend of obesity. They are the real deal; their programs are the real deal. The don’t just talk about their workouts, they talk about creating a healthy lifestyle. It’s a process and results don’t just happen over night. It’s not just about your workouts, but also what you’re eating. Half the battle is getting started. Are you finding it hard to get started? I have a few tricks up my sleeve that I’ll share tomorrow!

Question: What are the best wings you’ve ever had?

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